PKR infighting spills over into out-fighting

Pix: One Pakatan party is bending over backwards to appease and it ain’t PKR.

Hartal has previously called Malaysia’s richest paper The Sniveling Star. We’d like to think that we had adequately deconstructed its articles to convince our blog readers as to in what way Star snivelled.

Recently, there has been some name-calling of Free Malaysia Today by PKR insiders, supporters of certain factions and cybertroopers.  However, we haven’t seen these critics  of FMT do any critical dissection of its content to illustrate how, where and when the news portal can be said to be serving vested interests.

However, we have seen in FMT articles critical of certain PKR personalities, just as we have seen in Malaysia Chronicle articles critical of certain other PKR personalities. Incidentally, when we did our Top 10 media round-up, we had mentioned both portals as up-and-coming media sites, as well as FMT ranking 208 and Chronicle ranking 421 among Malaysian websites.

If FMT’s funding and motives are to be speculated on, shouldn’t the same apply to Chronicle since they appear to be aiming their crossbows at each other’s agenda?

Some folks out there must be seriously running down FMT if the portal has had to respond with an editorial, We are nobody’s poodle.

The FMT editorial said some quarters think the news portal “is the child of a certain political party and therefore was set up to serve its interest”. Although it is coy and fights shy of mentioning the party, it’s quite obvious that the “some quarters” think papa is PKR.

It further said that some of the party’s seasoned politicians felt that FMT shouldn’t be highlighting the feuds in their house (same-same as DAP’s Tunku Aziz warning his party guys not to wash their dirty linen in public).

To be continued …

Part 2: Just ‘like’ drive-by shootings (at Zaid), eh?

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