So vely, vely funny

As our regular readers would know, we pick up Israel-Palestine stories every now and then.

Part of the reason is we’re short on manpower and time. So rather than reinvent the wheel, we borrow and innovate on existing products, like how the Japanese technology industry once upon a time used to piggyback on Western R&D.

The unspinning of the media undertaken by more established mediawatch sites to unravel biased coverage serves to teach us how to fish (although they’ve also provided the fish that Hartal serves up and you’ve been digging into).

They show how media is manipulated — the methods, the masking, the mindset; and how lies, distortions and slant can be discerned by the keen-eyed and sharp-witted observer.

We hope that our readers have also picked up some fishing techniques from the exposure.

In the course of today’s surfing, we came across this story that had us rolling on the floor laughing. It’s from the Boston Globe.

Its article on Sunday was headlined ‘The undeniable Jewish state‘. Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby wrote:

Many of the world’s democracies have official state religions. Think of Britain, whose monarch is the supreme governor of the Church of England; or of Greece, whose constitution singles out the Eastern Orthodox Church  as the country’s “prevailing religion.’’ The linking of national character with religion is a commonplace.

We might add Malaysia to Jacoby’s list of democracies with an official state religion and the linking of national character with one particular religion.

Jacoby continued:

Israel stands out only because its religion is Judaism, not Christianity, Islam, or Hinduism.

But below is the clincher — by an irate Globe reader quoted by Jacoby — and our joke of the day. “How can a state openly favor one ethnic group over all others and declare itself to be democratic?’’

The complainant was referring to Israel…


6 Responses to “So vely, vely funny”

    It’s not just what it is openly called
    But also what is actually being practised
    So that walking the talk is not stalled
    No longer the butt of jokes and be teased

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 191010
    Tue. 19th Oct. 2010.

  2. Maz says:

    Maybe we can ask the 500,000 Hindus displaced during the formation of the
    Islamic Republic of Pakistan ? Maybe we can ask the 2 million Bengali Muslims
    massacred by Urdu-speaking Muslims in the division of Pakistan (East and West)
    into Bangladesh and Pakistan ? Maybe we can ask the ‘Jew-loving’ (yes, I am
    being facetious) President of the ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN ? Maybe we
    can ask the House of Saud how is that they rule over a second Islamic holy
    site that was, prior to the 7th Century, primarily Jewish ? Oh I get it !
    HAHAHAHAHAHA…Islamic states with Dhimmi minorities are allowed
    (Malaysia headed that way….nampak la…) but a JEWISH STATE with
    20 % Arab reperesentation in the Parliament (Knesset) and 10 % of the
    Israeli Army made up by Druze Arabs and Bedouins (voluntarily) and 15 %
    of Hebrew University comprised of Arab-Israeli students on Jewish-taxpayer
    funded scholarships now that MUST BE VORBOTTEN !! (I wonder what percent
    of Malaysian Chinese attend UKM and UM on Malay-only tax-paid subsidies laaa ?).

  3. Maz says:

    Oh and yes-I forgot-THE HOLY SEE…

  4. Maz says:

    Any ethnic CHAM from Cambodia can become a Malaysian citizen by Malaysian
    law because the minority Muslim Cham are a Malay-derived ethnic and lingusitic.
    group that migrated into Cambodia 700 years ago. Malaysian law stipulates that
    any Cham who wants to become Malaysian can invoke the ‘Right of Return’..oh wait !!!
    the Orang Asli (the ‘Palestinians of Malaysia’ so to speak) ? Don’t they have prefential
    rights as Bumiputera ? Oh wait, they were kicked out of Parliament today when a
    PKR MP tried to bring some Orang Asli on a tour of Putrajaya ! Apartheid INDEED !

    OH MY GOD !!

  5. max says:

    But can you deny the FACT that Israel is the ONLY & MOST DEMOCRATIC country in Middle East???

    • Maz says:

      But can you deny the FACT that Israel is the ONLY & MOST DEMOCRATIC country in Middle East???


      NO DOUBT..

      Ten years ago, I would have said Turkey was #2 (the second only Democratic country in the
      Middle East). Under Fascist Erodgan, that is no longer the case. Lebanon was semi-Democratic
      in the 1970s before the Maronites became pro-Shiite cowards…

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