What sick people!

Pix from 2004: Palestinian youth kicks donkey during Fatah demo.

‘On Oct 12, we posted ‘Here’s one way to tackle Utusan‘ where we referenced a mediawatch blog called CiF Watch set up specifically to monitor the sicko reporting in The Guardian.

Quite coincidentally, on Oct 12, a separate media watch site called Just Journalism found a recent Guardian report to be real sicko as well.

Just Journalism compared reports on the same incident carried on the same day in The Guardian and The Independent.

Accompanying The Guardian article was a timeline titled, ‘In the firing line’ listing ‘Children shot in “buffer zone” while collecting rubble’.  Yet in the past 10 years, The Guardian has never printed a timeline documenting the deaths of Israeli children at the hands of Palestinians, said Just Journalism.

The Independent journalist referred to the alleged victims as ‘youngsters,’ ‘teenagers’ and ‘young men’ throughout. In the Guardian, on the other hand, the article referred to ‘children’. (FYI: They were 17 and 20).

Independent provided clear context for Israel’s general policies in the Gaza border area, giving concrete examples of violence carried out in the zone:  “On occasions militants had disguised themselves as civilians, including one with a mule cart packed with explosives.”

The poor mule would have gotten blown up by the explosives too, presumably.

Guardian on the other hand failed to refer to any concrete examples of hostile activity carried out by Palestinians.

But both papers failed to include Israeli allegations that the shooting at the teenagers was caused by the fact that one of them had been handling a rocket propelled grenade!

Two days later CiF Watch added on an anecdote by a former commander of an Israeli guard post on the Gaza border. He recalled how  a youth of around 14 years of age approached their position despite his repeated calls in Arabic for the boy to go back and warning shots in the air.

“The commander had to decide whether to shoot at the boy or risk the lives of his soldiers in a possible suicide bombing. He chose the latter course of action, and discovered that the boy was unarmed and suffered from Down’s Syndrome. He had been deliberately sent by terrorists to approach the Israeli position in order to test the reactions of the Israeli soldiers and learn their procedures.”

How sick can the Palestinians be!

2 Responses to “What sick people!”
  1. Oneofthesedays says:

    Warriors? Heroes? Freedom Fighters?

    No wonder they get (and will keep getting) their sorry asses kicked.

    No pun intended. Poor donkey.

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