Newspaper insulted religious symbol

For CiF Watch’s media monitoring on Guardian‘s Martin Rowson — the cartoonist who drew the image above insulting the symbol of Judaism — read ‘Why were these deleted?‘ (June 6, 2010)

“Deletions galore of pro-Israel comments on the Martin Rowson thread as the Guardian in true Stalinist fashion attempts to suppress the truth.” Doesn’t the Guardian remind you of how some quarters have today successfully blocked the Facebook page against the Menara Warisan? (If built, this 100-storey tower will become the tallest building in Malaysia.)

On DOUBLE STANDARDS, from Tom Gross’ blog:

While many in the Islamic world and in the West have strongly condemned cartoons deemed offensive to Muslims, such as those that appeared in a Danish paper caricaturing Mohammed, there is near-silence among western media and NGOs about anti-Semitic cartoons that are spreading across the globe.

“Once liberal British newspaper, The Guardian, has, like much other coverage of Israel in the British media, a virulence which is hard to distinguish from outright anti-Semitism. This cartoon by Martin Rowson (July 19, 2006) is arguably anti-Semitic. Here Stars of David are being used as knuckle dusters on a bloody fist to both punch a young boy and to crush George Bush, the American president,” writes Gross.

3 Responses to “Newspaper insulted religious symbol”
  1. Maz says:

    Does that mean I am anti-Malay (or should I say anti-Malayali) if I point out
    the size of Mahathir’s proboscis (I mean the one between his eyes laaaa !) ?

  2. Maz says:

    Orang Asli Population (Perak, Pahang, etc.) in 1960: 600,000
    Orang Asli Population (Perak, Pahang, etc.) in 2008: 100,000

    ‘Palestinian’ Population (Israel, Gaza and ‘West Bank’) in 1960: 800,000
    ‘Palestinian’ Population (“” “”) in 2008: 1.7 Million

    Where is the GENOCIDE happening again ma ????

  3. Katharina sri (ex Noor Aza) says:

    The Guardian has became the most deceitful totalitarian-left-Marxist newspaper on earth (hiding cowardly under the false guise of being a liberal newspaper) – thus is why they love any totalitarian ideology such as promoted by Islam! Their anti-Jew hatred is evident as of their contempt towards conservative Christianity (if such Christianity is not pro-Islam; it’s “right-wing” Christianity, to these most arrogant and lying Guardianistas and hence only ‘liberal’ Christianity is allowed to write in). And of course, the Guardianistas contempt for free speech, unless it supports Islam or has been God-hating Marxist ideology! They definitely live on another alien planet like the Muslim fanatics!

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