Exit All-Blogs, Enter ‘Bloggers Against Bullies’

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Rocky announced the setting up of a new bloggers group ‘Bloggers Against Bullies’ aka BfM (Bloggers for Malaysia) in the aftermath of  Rais Yatim’s police report against Rocky and BigDog recently.

The BfM protem committee consist of (respective blogsites – or lack thereof – in brackets):

President. – Syed Akbar Ali (OutsyedTheBox)
Deputy President – Akramshah (ThoughtsInTangents)
Secretary-general – Tony Yew (MustStopThis)
Assistant sec-gen – Firdaus Abdullah (?)

Treasurer – Zakhir Mohamad (BigDogDotCom)

Exco members: Rocky (RockyBru), Shamsul Akmar (?), Eric Woon (IAmAMalaysian) and Endie Shazaly Akbar (?)

Firstly, where are the Ladies? Bullies do not discriminate. Neither should BfM.

Secondly, how do Firdaus, Shamsul and Endie fit into this blogger’s grouping if they were not bloggers prior to the committee set up date? This is a trick question, folks. One of these names is actually a blogger but has kept this fact a secret.

Thirdly, ‘MIC’ blogger is missing. Throw in a Dayak, Iban, etc if this group wishes to go nation-wide and/or get 500 members, whichever comes first.

Fourthly … ahem .. I think that is enough for the moment.

Let’s save the stinging, probing Qs for another posting.

One Response to “Exit All-Blogs, Enter ‘Bloggers Against Bullies’”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Aiya, jealous ah, your name not mentioned? Err….and mine too:-(
    On the contrary, Paul. We should celebrate when you get back – shar101

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