Voters, dare to ask DAP this

Pix: Protesters tear photos of Adam Lambert

It was reported today that the MCMC fined TV3 RM50,000 for the station’s Hari Raya ad.

PAS protest #1

When the controversy first surfaced, Harakah Daily reported that PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi on Sept 5 had urged TV3 to scrap the ad.

Nasrudin complained that the ad was “a mockery to Islam and gives the impression of polytheism especially to the young viewers”. By the PAS Youth chief’s reckoning, the objectionable ‘polytheism’ was because the ad “combined elements of Christmas, as well as Hinduism and Buddhism”.

Cannot mix, yah… (non-Muslims, remember this warning)

PAS protest #2

On Oct 11, the New York Times reported the same PAS Youth chief Nasrudin as demanding the cancellation of a concert by the gay pop-rock star Adam Lambert. NYT describes PAS as “a fundamentalist Muslim party”.

This is the party that DAP is sleeping with, yah.

PAS protest #3

Today, Harakah reported that PAS Youth will stage a demo tomorrow after Friday prayers to protest Rosmah Mansor’s support for a fashion show that featured ‘tak tutup aurat’ (sleeveless) apparel and Arabic script in the dress design.

Yup, the same guy, Nasrudin the PAS Youth chief, has accused Rosmah of “insulting Islam” and demanded a public apology from her.

DAP has been hand-in-glove with PAS in this pushing of the Islamization agenda.

PAS is saying this cannot, that cannot, this is unIslamic, that is unIslamic. PAS the moral police is objecting to just about as many things as Perkasa is making many police reports.

Strange bedfellows

As PAS’s companion in bed, DAP must be supporting all this ‘cannot’ business, yar. After all, DAP desperately wants the Malay votes. Or at least, we’ve not heard DAP raising any objection, or calling for neutral ground.

Why can’t PAS people just stay at home if they don’t like but must instead prevent others from watching concerts (or celebrating Valentine’s Day) and depriving Malaysians of choice? Will they soon tell us we can all only watch nasyid performances?

Is DAP’s Malaysian First a ‘social contract’ that will follow PAS’s tune? So that in the future Malaysian First world, also this-cannot, that-cannot, semua tak boleh, yar.

If so, DAP should be upfront with the electorate NOW and let them know what they’re gonna be in for under the Pakatan pact!!

7 Responses to “Voters, dare to ask DAP this”
  1. Pat Lu says:

    Look at BN too. Coalitions don’t work. We need a two-party system. We need a single party to challenge both coalitions to move this country forward.

  2. Sam says:

    PAS has declared it’s political approach to be democratic. Since when protests aren’t? why can’t we leave them muslims to mind their own religion as long as they allow others to minds theirs? Seems to me that’s all PAS is asking. Even in a so-called “islamic state”, the laws are only applicable to muslims. (and not even all muslims are comfortable about some the islamic laws!) Where it tends to spillover – as in conversion cases – the constitution is supreme, is it not?. Just as catholics have every right to call god by any name, so it is the right of muslims to decide what elements can be portrayed in a muslim celebration. So let them lock horns over what to do about the gay muslims and such. The rest of the 40% or so of us are guaranteed our personal and religious freedoms under the constitution.
    If this is what has been the basis of the Common Policy Framework, ( the “sleeping arrangement” between PAS and DAP) what’s the fuss about? Disparate parties in a coalition like PR surely can’t be as treacherous, as MCA, Gerakan, MIC etc clapping to the “at all costs” policy speech of the UMNO president!

  3. JR says:

    Er….. what has DAP got to do with this???

  4. Jokersland says:

    Recently, I cheekily told a bunch of Gerakan members who wish to join rocket. Then, all of you have to convert to another religion to climb up the hierarchy at the same time.

  5. Dr. Pang HC says:

    I’m Christian and I’m ok with PAS protesting whatever they want. They do have the constitutional right to gather and speak freely, no?

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