Send flotilla to S’pore!

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IFJ accuses Hamas over shutdown of journalists’ union office in Gaza

The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) condemned the action of the Hamas Internal Security department which closed down the office of the Palestinian Journalists’ Syndicate (PJS) in Gaza, accusing them of ‘inexcusable intrusion” in the internal affairs of Palestinian journalists.

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Hamas to step up executions of collaborators

Oct 27: Hamas authorities in Gaza have begun imposing the death penalty as part of a campaign against Palestinians found guilty of collaborating with Israel.

Two men have been executed in Gaza this year for passing information to Israeli forces. Dozens more are in jail.

But human rights workers say the executions have been carried out in violation of Palestinian law.

Omar Kaware is one of 42 men who share a single prison cell in Gaza’s main jail.

Metal bunks cram the room and the inmates share one toilet and one bathroom between them.

Every one of these men is accused of spying for Israel. And several, including Mr Kaware, have been sentenced to death.

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Hamas-Fatah divide turns the lights out on Gazans

Oct 28: … for Gaza residents, a deep Palestinian divide – between Hamas and Fatah – not only prevents peace, but literally leaves them in the dark.The streets here hum with hundreds of diesel-powered generators, the only line of defense against a war-damaged electric grid that plunges the territory into 8-hour-long rolling blackouts each day.

The lack of electricity is largely due to a protracted disagreement between Gaza’s Hamas government and the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority (PA) in the West Bank over who will pay the territory’s electricity bill, estimated at more than 80 million shekels ($21 million) each month.

Both Hamas and Fatah accuse each other of corruption and of mishandling tax revenue and international aid, all to the detriment of Gaza’s 1.5 million residents.

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While Hamas and Fatah are accusing each other of being corrupt and “mishandling” the generous donations, Transparency International in its 2010 perception index ranked the top three least corrupt countries in the world as Singapore, Denmark and New Zealand — all tied for first place. Tied at 4th place are Finland and Sweden. Canada, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia and Norway round up the Top 10.

Since Singapore has topped the world, the next time government servants ‘buat lawatan sambil belajar’, they should make Malaysia’s small, southern neighbour the destination of choice for study tours. A lot can be learned from the island republic in the way institutions are run.

In fact, Malaysia’s ‘pegawai-pegawai kerajaan’ should be going there in droves. Rather than book flight tickets for so many, we suggest sending them by flotilla so that the officials ‘yang sibuk berkursus’ can visit Singapore by the boatloads.

2 Responses to “Send flotilla to S’pore!”
  1. The only one common thing in the Palestine, the Arabs and the Malays is that they are all muslims and nothing else !
    So stop trying pretending to be the Arabs or from the Middle East and be proud of what you are ! No doubt some of the Umno made half breeds have ancestors from the Middle East but still you are not from there. Even though the Ketunan Melayu embraced Islam which is only a few hundred years but what was the believe of the Ketunan Melayu before then ?
    So stop kissing the Arabs’ backside like shenanigan Mahathir does just because he has nothing else to call himself as the only race he can associate himself is his ancestor or better still his grand father was from Kerala in India known as a pariah there. He immigrated to Kedah just trying to get rid of that stigma no matter what he did or where he went to he was still a pariah and consequently his descendants , the shenanigan Mahathir and his descendants are also pariahs !

  2. charleskiwi says:

    Why is it that shenanigan Mahathir does not send anything to Pakistan during the recent flood or to Indonesia in their hours of needs ? They too are mostly muslims
    and deserve some kind of aids from the human race ?

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