Hypocrisy First, DAP Now @ party election

Pix: Photo for illustrative purpose only and meant as parody; the line-up does not refer to any living or past DAP cadres. “Over time, the tone and tenor of the [Pakatan] rhetoric mutated and it is beginning to seem as if some of the politicians feel they are where they entitled to be. Some have … Continue reading

Ka-pow!! Wan Azizah shoots own foot

Utusan had a field day with the PKR weekend congress, splashing ‘PKR semakin parah’ on its Saturday front page and ‘Anwar anugerah Tuhan’ on its Sunday’s. Today (Mon.) Utusan carried responses by Muhyiddin, Ezam and Nallakarupan, also blurbed on front page. The starry-eyed wife Wan Azizah had apparently said, “… Anwar is an outstanding human … Continue reading

Stone Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi for sartorial crime!

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff sartorial adjective, of or pertaining to clothing or style or manner of dress Arrest PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi! The fashion police really must apprehend Nasrudin for bad taste in dressing. He teams green polka dot tie with blue checked shirt, throws on a grey pinstripe jacket and tops off … Continue reading

Er, Anwar should not be behind Azmin?

The Malaysian Insider popped a cracker of a headline today, Anwar should be above Wan Azizah, says PKR Wanita. What headline would you give the story if you were sitting at the copyeditor’s desk? UPDATE (Nov 27): Here’s an attention grabbing headline from FMT, Wan Azizah: Anwar is God’s gift to Malaysians ____________________________________________________________ Below is … Continue reading

Chong Eu’s Komtar & limp phallic symbols

Pix: Komtar– Photo credit, http://www.asiaexplorers.com Incidentally, Komtar — the building that Penangites dubbed ‘phallic symbol’, as it was erected when there were no other skyscrapers yet on the island — was designed by the architect Lim Chong Keat, younger brother to Chong Eu. A poor track record of maintaining the building further compounds the problems, … Continue reading

Royal secrets

By Reina We live in a highly secretive country. The government keeps many issues secret under the Official Secrets Act. Even the purchase of garbage bins for a government department can be regarded as a state secret. Then those making public certain policies / issues which may put the ruling coalition in a bad light … Continue reading

DAP suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome

Pix: Click on video (below) for demo of LGE’s Tourette’s Syndrome. ‘Seeing is believing’. By Hartal MSM If you’ll trawl this blog, you can find a number of postings critical of MCA, including recent ones. These are mostly in the context of its ownership of the Star and the radio station that sacked DJ Jamaluddin. … Continue reading

Pro-ISA thugs in Penang

Videos courtesy of Jimmy Leow of CJMY. Part One: Part Two: [Click on screenshots for the videos]

Beyond the traditional ‘bad news sells’

Pix: HECTOR RETAMAL, AFP/Getty More often than not we’ve been critical of Star. However, today we’ve something positive to say in that the paper has recently been giving coverage to Haiti. Even Utusan has. It’s good that our local MSM are doing this after their disproportionate focus on Gaza. However, most of what they’re reporting … Continue reading

Giant leap for media freedom

By Reina Radio Free Sarawak went on air for the first time on Monday (November 15). From London to the people in interior Sarawak via the old shortwave radio. The humble radio and the cold-storaged shortwave radio have been called back to duty. The very frequency that was used to reach out to the rakyat … Continue reading