Gunasegaran died; he was Indian

R Gunasegaran died in police custody. On Oct 25, the coroner returned an open verdict on his death. What justice for his family?

Can you even believe Sniveling Star carried this headline in its Jan 14 article ‘Officer forgot to report death of Gunasegaran’. This man’s life was so cheap and forgettable! And no outrage for him in the MSM.

His death occurred because the political system is rotten, and the media pinches their kerbau-dicucuk-hidung noses against the stink.

Would Guna have fallen victim to the sudden death in the police station if he was a Datuk? A Tan Sri’s son? A Malay?

Is it easier for the state to bully an Indian? Seems like it, for who is more bottom of the social heap than Indians, especially when it comes to brushes with law enforcement?

In sheer numbers, the Malay are majority and thus percentage wise — according to a normal distribution curve — would make up the most number of the poor, who may end up on the wrong side of the law. Yet it is the not the Malays who are the most tortured in police stations.

Is anyone willing to look, really eyeball, the nature or the origin of this state terror? Come on, call his death for what it really was — ‘racism’ and ‘religious bigotry’ (they go hand in hand in Bolehland) that left him without upward mobility.

If we can’t even go as far as to identify the root of the problem, how to seek solutions!

Gunasegaran was an assistant in a toddy shop. Again, the Indian problem environment.

Speaking of which, it would now appear that a police lock-up has also become another Indian problem environment.

4 Responses to “Gunasegaran died; he was Indian”
  1. tkosong says:

    I don’t care if he is indian or chinese. Please let everybody knows that a malaysian died during the custody of Police. even if he is a John doe….this is still wrong.

  2. vasantha says:

    I am beginning to think that it is no use saying anything. There is far too much hypocrisy in this country. Everything is seen along racial lines. The culprit, if he is a certain race, gets away with murder. People are not interested in making things right. The Indians are the biggest suckers,alright! The 1Malaysian clarion call is over-enthusiastically adopted by them but are they really wanted by the majority race. I think we are just being tolerated. As such, the enthusiasm shown by my community is oftentimes nauseating and embarrassing!

  3. SETIA says:

    We must not lose heart. Hopefully one day we will have a Police, MACC and Judiciary we can all be proud of.
    There are good Muslim Malay Leaders in PAS ,KEADILAN and even Umno who can see the injustice happening esp to the minority indians who make up the bulk of numbers of deaths in custody.
    Rosa Parks the brave lone woman who stood up all ALONE against the MIGHT of Racism in America should be an inspiration to us all. Her brave stand in not giving up her bus seat to a white due to segregation law -a type of apartheid policy then in US , started a chain reaction and today a black Man sits in the White house.
    Do we have 2 sets of justice and law in Malaysia ?
    The Crooks and Rapists of our nation wealth are not charged by MACC or police
    The mamak D. eceitful R. acist Mahathir
    and Taib Mahmud CM Sarawak are the most notorious Thiefs in Armani suits …..STEALING BILLIONS of Taxpayers /Petronas money to ENRICH themselves and (framing Anwar in the process) with money flowing from their ears -yet no action by MACC !
    But Beng Hock , Kugan were both beaten and ended up dead !
    Yes, poor petty thiefs, motor bike thief and drugs users are kicked, beaten and their lives are cheap
    Over 1000 have met fateful end.. Where is the Justice ?
    When we have a Pakatan Govt. we hopefully will see Justice restored. in Malaysia!

  4. vasantha says:

    Thanks Setia. I think I needed that.

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