Hypocrisy First (1): When Mahathir got a standing ovation

Below is a thought-provoking comment from our reader and frequent commentator Maz. It was Maz’s response to ‘Latest: Flotilla towed by political tugboat’ which we’re reproducing here as a posting proper to give it a wider airing. What if the Jews talk like Mahathir? By Maz When Mahathir gives a speech in KL at the … Continue reading

‘Indians are the biggest suckers, alright!’

Pix lifted from plant-talk.org We’re starting a series on the Malaysian double standard which goes on without the perpetrators themselves even realising it. This theme is prompted by a comment we got from regular reader Vasantha to our post Gunasegaran died; he was Indian. She wrote: “There is far too much hypocrisy in this country”. Vasantha … Continue reading