Hypocrisy First (3): Deepavali greetings, convert-to-Islam subtext

Can’t Finas wish a direct and simple Happy Deepavali without introducing the everybody-converting-to-Islam theme?

This ‘mualaf’ agenda is really pervasive in Malaysian media. It can be subtle or in-your-face. But it’s always Melayu First, Muslim First even when it comes to the holiest or the biggest festival days in the calendar of the other races in the country.

We remember an earlier case where a mainstream Malay paper featured a convert family’s celebration of Chinese New Year in its CNY coverage. Both the mualaf family scenarios with the Chinese and Indian converts are atypical and unrepresentative of celebrants. Yet why do the crafters of public imagery continue their hijack with impunity?

Well, what do you expect when the leaders supposedly representing the other races — like Lim Guan Eng — consistently kiss arse and outdo their Muslim counterparts in their public protestations of Islam? Isn’t Penang the most Islamic state of all under the governance of a Caliph wannabe, what more with a de facto Arabic state slogan that’s Islamist – ‘Amar Ma’aruf, Nahi Mungkar’?

Bapa borek, anak rintik. Finas was merely taking its cue from the leaders of the country where politicians from both sides of the divide are agreed on the Islamization platform.

5 Responses to “Hypocrisy First (3): Deepavali greetings, convert-to-Islam subtext”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Next will be Christmas isn’t it? But strange how a Hari Raya Santa was not acceptable…Maybe it is all subliminal messages that are being passed….and that one somehow got misfired. It was supposed to be Islam supposed to be acceptable within a Hindu or Christian or a Chinese environment. But Santa and a rickshaw sleigh in a Hari Raya environment? How can? Right?

    • hartalmsm says:

      PAS Youth raised hell when Santa was mixed into Raya ad. But the Deepavali ad didn’t even have a main character who celebrated the Festival of Lights. After all, with his tudung-ed wife, he’d have converted to Islam here in Bolehland.

      Finas takes Indians to be the biggest suckers, alright.

  2. Paul Warren says:

    Finas director-general Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim said that the commercial was aimed at promoting 1Malaysia in the spirit of various races and families celebrating the different Malaysian festivals.

    “This commercial is a follow-up to the commercial we had during Hari Raya when Muthu marries the Sarawakian, Rina.

    “So we are portraying how Malaysians of different races celebrate their festivals and we will also have another follow-up during Christmas and Chinese New Year.

    “This is a work of creativity and should not be mixed with politics.

    “The advertisement was certainly not conceived to put down any race and the idea of conversions was not on our minds at all.”

    Maybe he’ like to show for Christmas how Lina Joy celebrates it or the thousands of former Malay Muslims quietly celebrate Christmas or how they go abroad to celebrate…That might provide a far better message than the hypocrisy of loving acceptance that was shown in this advert. Funnily my sis-in-law’s brother’s Malay Muslim wife did the same thing. In fact she further insulted by bringing her own packet drinks to her in-laws home every time she visited with her husband. I’d have not so politely told her to get out if what I serve was “suspect”!!

  3. farha says:

    Lessons that can be learnt from this ad:

    1. Even if it is Deepavali,there will always be a Malay-muslim person to cook for the Muslim in-law, and to ‘entertain’ with her banter in order to enliven the dour moods of those present;
    2. If you’re a male and your family initially cold-shoulder your wife, make sure you bring her when she’s pregnant and nearing her date of delivery so that they melt at the first sight of their grandchild;
    3. Thank-god the daughter-in-law can make muruku…that’s a start to a happy recipe for 1Malaysia marriage, lol!

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