Hypocrisy First (4): Tony Pua, mousy DAP & the haram sausages

DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua issued a press statement yesterday to highlight MCA’s “complete irrelevance” in the BN. We have no quarrel with that.

Pua’s beef with the MCA is the failure of the Chinese party to get Big Brother Umno to take action against “the racist principals” in Kulai and Bukit Selambau as well as the BTN deputy director. While DAP adopts the convenient label ‘racist’ for trio of culprits, the party conveniently ignores the religious bigotry inherent in all the episodes.

(1) the Kulai principal insulted the Hindu prayer strings worn by Indian students as being like dog leashes; one of the police reports lodged against her also detailed that she had ordered the strings to be cut from the students’ wrists

(2) the Bukit Selambau principal publicly humiliated Chinese students for eating in school during Ramadan

(3) the BTN deputy director was reported to have said “Si mata sepet never entered the mosque or surau but have one vote. Si botol only know how to go up and down Batu Caves and also have one vote.”

In the three incidents, the perpetrators were representatives of the dominant ideology.

All three were offensive because of their attitude of religious supremism as well as for picking on the minority races. Yet DAP dare not breathe even a tiny whiff of objection to their religious bigotry. They’re called ‘racists’ but excused of religious bigotry.

Why? Because DAP is sleeping with PAS. Because its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng himself is promoting the dominant ideology, Islam, at every turn.

Pua in his media statement also took at potshot at his counterpart — the MCA publicity bureau deputy chairman. Pua said:

… when Loh Seng Kok once again called yesterday for the Education Ministry to act against a Sarawak primary school for enforcing a halal food policy, it proves that MCA is now officially reduced to trying to meekly voice its views from the outside because it is completely ineffective and marginalised on the inside of the Government.

Pua was referring to the case of the 10-year-old non-Muslim boy in a Kuching school who was caned 10 strokes by the senior assistant for bringing pork sausages to eat during his school recess.

The issue is intolerance for ‘haram’

Let’s be clear what is the controversy is about. The enforcers (i.e. Muslims) of the dominant ideology (i.e. Islam) are dictating what the non-Muslims can and cannot do in public space.

How different is the behaviour of the school senior assistant (who will not tolerate something haram to him but halal to non-Muslims) from the behaviour of PAS who similarly will not tolerate something haram to them but halal to non-Muslims?

PAS equally goes around dictating to non-Muslims ‘this-cannot’, ‘that-cannot‘. PAS equally attempts to impose restrictions to curtail what is haram (to them but halal to others, like concerts and fashion) in the public space that is shared with non-Muslims. Only PAS has a more civil tongue and civilised behaviour compared to the so-called civil servants.

In fact, Insider had previously reported — PAS Youth chief suggests ‘haram’ logo to protect Muslims.

While details of the controversies may vary, the core issue is the same. The fundamental contention is halal-haram.

The Islamists want to remove things and practices that they cannot tolerate, be it Hindu prayer strings, food during fasting month or pork sausages.

In the case of PAS, there are quite a number of items too on the list, such as alcohol, 4-ekor outlets, lipstick, high heels, Valentine’s Day, mixed (gender) queues in supermarkets, the darkness in cinema halls, makyong, wayang kulit, etc …

The upshot of the double standards is simply that DAP are such hypocrites.

They boldly criticize MCA but do not raise a squeak against the PAS demands.

For the BN component party’s ineffectualness, Tony Pua mocks that “MCA should perhaps stop whining like a kitten which lost its mom”.

Aiyah, you pun dua kali lima lah. DAP should also perhaps stop licking PAS’s boots like an over-eager puppy.

10 Responses to “Hypocrisy First (4): Tony Pua, mousy DAP & the haram sausages”
  1. Jerry Chin says:

    Hi all,

    Very well said!!! Agree…TOTALLY agree!!!

    TONY PUA is just another PARROT talking to impress but sadly TONY doesn’t even know what he’s talking at all. He takes POTSHOT at anybody as long as he gets some sort of PUBLIC attention for himself. This is why we OFTEN see TONY PUA giving out Press Statements grumbling about this & that when DAP itself is also doing the same kind of RUBBISH. Perhaps, this is a classic example of a “Pot calling the Kettle black”. Ironic, huh???

    Moreover, TONY PUA had been keeping rather SILENT (very silent infact) ever since Pakatan Rakyat LOST the 2 recent By-elections. Ever wondered why??? Do you all remember this dude called Dr. ONG KIAN MING (the supposedly brainy Political Analyst dubbed Malaysian Paul the Octopus)??? Dr. Ong is TONY PUA’s Special Assistant & I was told the earlier is under DAPs’ payroll. Dr. Ong *** *** *** had written his prediction for the 2 By-elections entitled the link below:


    Guess what??? Dr. Ong Kian Ming (Tony Pua’s sidekick) was WAY TOTALLY OFF MARK. He didn’t get even 1 PREDICTION correctly other than saying BN will retain Batu Sapi of which even a DOG can predict it correctly. Tony Pua had forgotten that the REAL Paul the Octopus is now DEAD & his so-called sidekicks’ (Dr.Ong) prediction had also come to the end (or shall I say DOOMED). *** *** ***. Dr. Ong should have kept his stupid mouth shut by NOT writing that prediction article in Malaysiakini.com as Dr. Ong now only ends up like a CLOWN trying to fool DONKEYS. I would suggest to this dude called Dr. Ong Kian Ming to better disassociate himself from DAP & Pakatan Rakyat. 2 idiots doesn’t make a PERFECT MATCH, understand???

    TONY PUA is now running out of time & excuses. The recent By-election results clearly showed Pakatan Rakyat is on the VERGE of destruction & with the infighting in PKR, we can be sure DAP will soon be called a “1 TERM WONDER PARTY”. Even YB Sekinchan (Ng Suee Lim) was admitted into the HOSPITAL not becos’ he was caught in some scuffle but YB Sekinchan simply couldn’t take the feeling of LOSING. YB Sekinchan got a WEAK HEART & after knowing Pakatan Rakyat is destined to 6 feet underground…YB Sekinchan then FAINTED & was needed to be rushed to the hospital.

    Malaysians want a BETTER Malaysia & ‘the rakyat’ is slowly gaining trust towards Najib’s 1MALAYSIA vision. I predict (unlike Dr. Ong who predicts using his arse)….BN will regain a LAND SLIDE VICTORY come the next G.E.

    “Please mark my word”. Thank you.


    Hartal MSM: We censored the asterisk bits. As for Ong Kian Ming’s relationship with Tony Pua, as far as we’re aware they were/are co-authors of a blog mostly on education issues. We’re not aware that Ong was ever on the DAP payroll, unless you can substantiate your claim.

  2. lee says:

    Dear Tony, it’s better you stick to the economic issues as that is your forte, leave the race-religion bigotry to another guy in Pakatan as this is more sticky. Best let PKR or PAS to respond to these issues bcoz they will label you as chinese chauvinist to drown the issue.

  3. vasantha says:

    Wee Ka Siong should be ashamed of himself ! A innocent child has been unjustly punished. Why? Religious bigotry.The child would be traumatized and psychologically scarred. What heinous crime did this child commit? The cane should be used as a last resort. Punishment meted out to a child must be corrective and compassionate, not to break a child. Spare the rod and spoil the child cannot be applied in all cases. Wee, you cried like a baby on national television! All, for what? You looked for sympathy. Would you not show the same sensitivity to this young human being? He is at a very impressionable age. What is it exactly that we are telling this child? Should he be made to feel ashamed of his way of life? I should think not. Wee Ka Siong is going the Koh Tsoo Koon way! What use is position and power if it is not used for the good of everyone? Wee Ka Siong, look at your job as a calling. Do the right thing. Call a spade a spade. Counsel the unjust and the ignorant.

  4. Arshad says:

    I too dare say Pakatan Rakyat will be FINISHED come the next G.E.

    Kena bitch slap 2 times in 1 day. What else does that tell you?

    As for Tony Pua, this fella going to be a mere a 1 term YB. Heard that BN gonna field someone great & respectable of whom will whip Tonya Pua in the arse in Petaling Jaya Utara.

    Also heard Tony Pua is planning to run back to Singapore. Why??? Cannot cari makan here & so gotta cabut back to SingKaPoh lor.
    Hmmm … same IP address as ‘Jerry Chin’. Where’s TOKZ? – shar101

  5. Maz says:



  6. Maz says:


  7. Timothy says:

    you all chinese, malay and indian are stupid, greedy, and bastard! Get out from borneo land!

    • Maz says:

      Fair enough….except…which Iban, Dayak, Kelabit, Melanau, Kadazan, Dusun, Bajau, etc.
      is prepared to ‘cast the first stone’ by saying that they are the ‘purest of the pure’ Bumiputera
      and should only be accorded the sole decision regarding who should inhabit Sarawak and
      Sabah (or all of Kalimantan for that matter) ? The sad irony, I suspect, is that it has been just
      those peaceful and humane indigenous Bumiputera in Borneo that have allowed their
      rights to be taken from them-but how to reinstitute justice and fairness across the board
      and equitably ? I do not have the answers but I will say this: In all the noise and venom
      spewed back and forth about ‘pendatang’ and ‘rights’ and calumny heaped upon a broad
      cross-section of Malaysians by all the politicians with few exceptions, I do feel the Orang Asli
      of West Malaysia and the indigenous Bumiputera of Sarawak and Sabah (once again)
      seem to be getting the short end of the stick (and not much carrot).

  8. tony says:

    so can we expect politicians in BN and DAP to care for the religions of the non muslims. we do not expect them to be fanatics but at least be more objective in dealing with religious problems and no talking politics and kicking one another over racist to score some points

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