DAP people becoming just like Umno

By Hartal MSM

Part 1 (this segment) is a prelude that explains why we believe the third force is now necessary.

The rise of PR is in tandem with the sinking of the country’s political culture to an all-time low. Whoever wins the next general election, be it BN or PR, Malaysians are living in a take-no-prisoners political environment due to the two coalitions’ do-or-die rivalry.

If someone is not with them, that someone is considered to be against them and an enemy to be shot at with a machine gun.

Haris Ibrahim and Helen Ang have come under a hail of bullets recently for their criticisms of PKR and DAP respectively. Haris posted on Nov 9 ‘Friend when I kick BN, foe when I kick PKR?’

Haris wrote:

It was against this backdrop of concerns that Anwar and Azmin might be on a Muslim agenda that I keenly followed and reported, first, the divisional elections, and, more recently, the national leadership elections. And my reports were mostly negative of the whole electoral process, much to the annoyance of many. On two occasions, I produced proof.

The PKR loyalists have given Haris a lot of flak and accused him of being “a Brutus” and an “Umno mole”, among other unsavoury epithets.

Similarly with Helen, she was a ‘friend’ when critical of BN and ‘foe’ when she questioned the wisdom of DAP’s pandering to Islamism.

Haris and Helen’s concerns are a lot like ours — quite naturally so — as they were among the pioneers of Hartal MSM (birds of a feather flock together), and we’re still maintaining close communication/discussions in our overlapping NGO activism.

The comments section to Helen’s most recent Malaysiakini column has drawn more than 150 comments from detractors and defenders alike. We’re sampling (partial quotes) below a selection of the responses to illustrate how DAP supporters operate.

Read Helen’s article Haram supremism fans bigotry [click pdf] to judge for yourself whether the outrage against her is warranted. Click on this link for the reader comments in full.

  • Helen Ang: So what makes Nik Aziz (the Tuan Guru no less) declare that is it Karpal alone who is opposed to the Islamic state and his stand is merely Karpal’s own “personal opinion”? What makes the Tuan Guru Nik Aziz so confidently state that DAP accepts Islamic governance and add that he has never heard officially from DAP that they object to Islamic state?
  • Anonymous: “Those [Pakatan supporters] who write so viciously just do not want to understand [Helen’s message]. They only want to kill off the messenger. Because the truth she portrays is damaging to the interest of their politics which is to gain power. All she is saying is DAP is bending over backwards to the promote the continuing process of Islamisation of all our lives. This is happening so ingeniously and DAP is a party to that …”
  • rick teo Stupid woman.
  • Anonymous Helen’s pieces are indeed garbage.
  • Rolls-Royce You are not a writer, you are a whore.
  • anonymous Ah Hoe, thank u v much, please expose the bitch, i really cant stand her. She is giving the picture that DAP is worst than UMNO/MCA/Gerakan/MIC, that is not fair at all.
  • Rolls-Royce … this half baked writer only has a handful of paid supporters.

Helen giving a press conference on her sedition investigation by police

  • anonymous half baked writer attracts half baked supporters la… forgive her la rolls royce, look at her apong’s face, so pitiful…
  • Anonymous Dear Malaysiakini, please get rid of Helen Ang. She is the worst writer ever to be employed by you. Your other writers has been great and excellent in focussing their eyes on many issues in Malaysia…… but not for Helen Ang, she is so fixated in one issue and one issue only. She is but a sick lady. Mr. Kama
  • Voice I’ve lost respect not just for her but other writer from CPI as well. See what Lim Teck Ghee wrote on the patriotic issue and it is understandable that it delivered the same tune ie bend on somebody like and taste. I can listen to views but surely not writers from CPI.
  • Solaris I can only conclude that these people are so blinded by their desperate loyalty to DAP that any form of honest criticism is automatically deemed a threat and rabidly responded to with fanatical zeal and aggression – especially when it is apparent that DAP has conveniently transited from being a crusader for civil rights and liberties to a race based capitalist party. Very similar to the behaviour of supporters of various despotic regimes around the world. The hypocrisy of it all.
  • Anonymous I really feel sorry for the DAP cybertroopers who cannot hold themselves back from profanity at the slightest hint of a meaningful debate. What is the need for profanities. What we have here is a discussion forum. The profanities only suggests that the ideas put forth by Helen cannot be argued with logic or with experience, so character assasination seems to be the preferred approach to win.  Come off it. Stop brute forcing the issue. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

We’re taking up Helen’s case because she’s our friend and ally.

Most ironically, the Anonymous reader accuses Helen of “senseless venomous attacks without facts” which is really a better description of the DAP pack of jackals themselves.

The pack attack is nothing out of the ordinary to come from DAP. One online commentator ‘Sentinel’ commented in a separate Malaysiakini news story on Lim Guan Eng:

“But Mr Lim GE, if you look at how your supporters insult and call names of people whom post constructive feedback on your facebook account, what difference is that compared to the behaviour of UMNO supporters. Look at how your supporters call people idiot and throw insults at anyone posting a comment not welcomed in your facebook.”

Aren’t the personal putdowns of Helen Ang as “menopausal” and “smelly” under her skirt reminiscent of Umno’s Bung Mokhtar? He had mocked DAP’s Fong Po Kuan for her monthly ‘bocor’.

Another comment: “I wonder if she [Helen] thinks she is smart why cant she even find a husband?” is exactly what Umno people said of Teresa Kok.

What you’ve read above portrays the vicious political culture that DAP has fostered since its climb to power. See Part 2 for Hartal’s commentary on how this posting is related to our stand on the third force.

20 Responses to “DAP people becoming just like Umno”
  1. Richard Loh says:

    From hartal msm to hartal DAP…

    This sentence of yours is totally wrong: “What you’ve read above portrays the vicious political culture that DAP has fostered since its climb to power. ”

    This culture was and will always be there for any political party not only to DAP and even before we have the internet this culture already existed, maybe you are not aware of.

    You brought up Haris posting on Nov 9 ‘Friend when I kick BN, foe when I kick PKR?’ , please read carefully and not tie everything into the same bundle.

    I am a live member of DAP and to let you know, I do constantly whack its leaders through email to them if what I saw they said or done were wrong.

    Please come out in the open and admit that someone had been offended by DAP and using this hartal msm blog to get back at them.

    All your postings reveal very much that someone had something to grind with DAP simple as that, he/she must had taken offence personally when dealing with DAP, simple as that.

    If you insist on attacking DAP at every opportunity which is your perogative, I suggest you change your blog to hartal political parties that offended me.


    Richard Loh


    Hartal MSM: Not surprising that you’re a DAP life member. You operate just like your pals by throwing accusations you’re unable to support. Obviously the DAP set can’t do better than “taken offence personally when dealing with DAP”.

    We’re not up close & “personal” with DAP nor do we or have we dealt with DAP.

    • Richard Loh says:

      Like wise with your kind of posting/journalism…no one would like to admit they are wrong or at fault..only you have the answers. As many like to say, the majority is always right, so when a majority whacked you for the nonsense that you post, I presume that they are right and you have to turn their comments into something nasty instead of accepting them gracefully.
      Richard, how do one ignore explicitly nasty comments/insinuations and instead have it accepted gracefully because the ‘majority’ have spoken without addressing the issue?

      We have provided more than sufficient evidences in this posting to support our contention.

      None of us in the Hartal team are card carrying members of any political party. Similarly, neither is Helen. Therefore, we won’t be blinded by political affiliations – shar101.

    • Mahuhari says:

      Hartal MSM, the derision in your tone when you mention “DAP life member” (which Richard Loh uncowardly admits to) is telling. Immediately, you start tarring him by saying he operates just like his “pals” by alleging throwing accusations he is unable to support. How different is your action from that of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union who denounced and derided those who do not toe the party line as “Troskyites” and “Mensheviks”?
      Mahuhari, you come in here every other day and nitpick on every single comment with your rebuttals … and that’s not being derisive? Or is there another motive for your presence? – shar101.

      • Mahuhari says:

        Like what you accused Richard Loh of, you, Hartal MSM, are now also “throwing accusations you’re unable to support”. Sigh!
        Yer fishing without bait, Mahuhari – shar101.

      • Mahuhari says:

        OK, Hartal MSM, if it pleases you, I’ll let you have the last word. Amitabha. May you be well and happy.
        Different paths, same destination. Different languages, same thought. Different strategies, same enemy – shar101.

  2. Paul Warren says:

    The more I think of it, the only way to humble both sides is if we can take out at least 20% of the seats contested, i.e. 44 seats out of 222 in Parliament to be held by the Third Force. Let the BN and Anti-BN, PR fight for the remaining 80%. Assuming it goes the way it went the last time, say 60:40, then BN would have 107 seats and PR 71 seats. The combined PR and Third Force seats would be a total of 115 seats giving PR the simple majority to rule if they can work with the Third Force! BN will be out of Putra Jaya. PR will have to behave itself!! The Third Force MPs’ loyalty would be to uphold the People’s Declaration and to play the rightful role of Law makers.

    • Jerry Chin says:

      Hi PAUL,

      What happened if the 3rd Force all become BN friendly MPs???

      PR to march to 6 feet underground instead to Putra Jaya?
      Aiyah, Jerry ah, your understanding of the Third Force is all muddled up. Obviously you don’t even know which Third Force is the real Third Force except for what you THINK it is coz you’re NOT in the Third Force.

      The Third Force will NEVER be BN friendly.

      Btw you’re still playing your old trick of using multiple nicks to post ‘anal retentive’ comments. Is ‘Kian Ye’ another pseudonym you use like ‘TOKZ’ and ‘Arshad’ recently. How many email accounts do you have lah! – shar101

  3. lee says:

    People like Datuk Azzat,Harris,Helen,lawyer Azmi,Ambiga,Khoo Kay Peng blogger,RPK, Capt Zulkarnian,the sacked MIC youth leader,should be the protem committee of 3rdForce to get the ball rolling.Doors can be open for Nurul,Nazri,Khairy

  4. Maz says:

    If Nurul Izzah agrees to dress like a perempuan Melayu
    pre-1950, disavows public Islam in favor of national
    secularism and the separation of Mesjid and State,
    subsidises Nasi Kandar for all Malaysians, and
    promises to sing P Ramlee songs (while sashaying
    back and forth) during her campaign she will have
    my vote la !

  5. Maz says:

    I am very sad to say that, these days, Nik Aziz “IS MORE TOK
    THAN GURU..” (Hadi was ALWAYS more TOK than GURU)…

  6. charleskiwi says:

    What can you expect when the DAP is led by the rabid mad dog LKS ?
    He is in politics not to serve the people as intended but because he has no where else and nothing to go to if he is not in politics.
    Don’t you think it is time the people start to wake up to his cheating game ? Yes it is time to have the corrupted Umno and the component running dogs of BN kicked and replaced but certainly it will not happen as long as the opposition are led by people like lusty Anwar and rabid mad dog LKS. It may take sometime to find new leaders but it is better late than never !
    Malaysia deserves better leaders than the present political leaders.

    • Mahuhari says:

      “rabid mad dog”, “in politics not to serve the people”, “has no where else and nothing to go to if he is not in politics”, “cheating game”, “lusty” ad hominem. Strong words. But without an iota of evidence to substantiate those allegations. “He who allege must prove”.

  7. tony says:

    DAP before 2008 and during the 08 election acts and was critical of what MCA did in the BN. They rather gets kick out of State Assemblies by going against the dress code of wearing the songkok. This actions endears them to a sizeable number of people. Just look at them now they not only wear songkoks, some of them even weras baju Melayu and go to Mosque. This actions according to their loyal members is that they are respecting Parliment and State Assemblies. Does it means that they do not respects the Parliment and State Assemblies prior to 2008 elections. I t seems that they are trying to act like MCA in Pakatan. so the questions is are they going to ends up like MCA in BN as a yes man just to be YB< EX CO and Ministers if Pakatan manage to march into Putra Jaya?

  8. Gamma Ray says:

    PKR & DAP are sore losers……

    They have shown their dark side to us Malaysians. F****K PKR and DAP. I will support “THE THIRD FORCE” ANYTIME. I am sick at Anwars rethoric. I am not an UMNO mole.

  9. Oneofthesedays says:

    Helen scares the Chinese schooled hypocritical chauvinists in the DAP for the simple reason which is; she speaks a truth and the truth hurts.

    Truths like Lim Guan Eng prefers pork to Indians.

    Ask the Malays and Indians in Penang instead if the DAP still believes in social justice like they used to now that they are in dominant race in control.

    I’d be surprised if Lim Guan Eng manages to retain Penang.

    PS and before the DAPies start to wail about the stellar financial record since taking office bla bla bla. All one has to do to achieve that is to curb corruption… not so hard-lah.

    • Mahuhari says:

      So what is so wrong about curbing corruption? What’s your beef?

      • Infidel and loving it says:

        I keep re-reading oneofthesedays comment and I don’t see where he said curbing corruption is bad.

        I suppose you being a typical DAP member you comment with your eyes closed and brain on autopilot.

      • Mahuhari says:

        Again, infidel, you are making an assumption that I am a DAP member. Even if I am (which I am not), I do not see how it is relevant to the issue. I am only commenting that Oneofthesedays bemoans or begrudges DAP stellar financial record in Penang, insinuating that it is no big deal as it came about from curbing corruption. Thus, in effect placing a negativity on something which should rightfully be applauded.

        As to your denigration that I am commenting with my eyes closed and brain on autopilot, that is merely your opinion. As Raja Petra said, opinions are like assholes, everyone has them.
        Mahuhari, actually credit should go to Rehman Rashid who originally wrote in March 2007 (NST) – “Are they not entitled to their opinion? Of course they are, as much as everyone else is entitled to ignore them. I would venture, however, that everyone has an opinion and a rectum, and not that many seem capable of telling one from the other“. RPK merely came up with the generic version in keeping with the typical Malaysian reader mindset – shar101.

  10. infansolaris says:

    I feel sad that the change I voted for has turned out to be a big lie. DAP is no better than UMNO in many aspects. Guess I was duped by their masquerading as crusaders for social justice in the past. Racist, capitalist, opportunistic, unprincipled and the list goes on and on. What a disappointment.

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