Ka-pow!! Wan Azizah shoots own foot

Utusan had a field day with the PKR weekend congress, splashing ‘PKR semakin parah’ on its Saturday front page and ‘Anwar anugerah Tuhan’ on its Sunday’s.

Today (Mon.) Utusan carried responses by Muhyiddin, Ezam and Nallakarupan, also blurbed on front page.

The starry-eyed wife Wan Azizah had apparently said, “… Anwar is an outstanding human being, given by God to lead the people. If he is an ordinary human being like us, he would have retreated and sunk in between hurdles and challenges.”

Her remarks were taken by Utusan and exaggerated into the attention-grabbing headline ‘Anwar is God’s gift’ [to Malaysians] .

But as the president of a Pakatan party, she should have been more careful in her words at such a high-profile event, knowing full well Malaysian mainstream media for what they are.

Now who can blame readers if the impression of PKR as a family business to serve the interests of one man is merely reinforced by Azizah’s gushing tribute? Imagine … Anwar’s wife is party No.1, his right-hand man of 23 years Azmin is No.2 and his daughter Izzah is No.3.

The Selangor and Penang governments have made the correct decision to cancel their Utusan subscription for state agencies and to withhold advertising.

They should go further in taking steps to tackle Utusan.

Even though the tabloids Harian Metro and Kosmo! outsell Utusan in copies, nonetheless the broadsheet is the most influential paper in shaping Malay political opinion and trends.

Utusan snipes at Anwar and Pakatan all the time but we must say that on this occasion it is really Wan Azizah who has shot herself in the foot.

6 Responses to “Ka-pow!! Wan Azizah shoots own foot”
  1. FenceSitter says:

    Bn is using guerilla tactics to fight pr. They lay low in cohorts with MSM, who lately have very few reports on bn. MSN is concentrating on goodies and damage control on any issues brought up by the opposition. Like stalking hyenas, bn and MSM are ever ready to pounce on the hands-tied and wounded pr who have no way of defending themselves on MSM. Pr need to engage their brains before opening their mouth.
    Touche, FenceSitter – shar101.

  2. La says:

    Utusan can only influence malays from the rural areas. Even then with the advent of the internet, the kampong malays are becoming more savvy and prudent to the paper’s lies and falsehood.

    The rotten and corrupt ridden Mahathir was also hailed by the corrupt Umno as God’s gift to Mlaysia. So what is so wrong for Wan Azizah, to say that her husband is also God’s given gift to the country. Whether we agree with her or not is a different matter. The question is, what is so wrong in that statement?

    Utusan as usual will always spread lies and falsehood and make a mountain out of a mole to destabilise its enemies. They are the whisperers of evil and should be renamed Utusan Satan or Utusan Iblees instead. Like Satan, they spread satanic messages and whispers into the heart of mankind evil messages thorugh their writings.

    Who cares what Utusan or that fella Awang Selamat or more appropriately Awang Polong says about PKR or Wan Azizah. Like the ‘hantu polong’, an invisible evil spirit, who works for his master to create fear and turmoil amongst their master’s enemies, Utusan or Awang Polong, who incidentally is also ‘invisble’ to mankind, also works for their master, ie Umno. So, what’s the big deal lah. Just ignore these whisperers of evil.

  3. vasantha says:

    Wan Azizah is most definitely a gem of a wife but not a gem of a politician.

    • Maz says:

      “Wan Azizah is most definitely a gem of a wife but not a gem of a politician…”


      “The sins of the hubby are NOT visited upon the ISTERI (atau pun anak perempuan)..”

      • La says:

        Unfortunate that Wan Azizah came into the political scene only in 1998. If he had been politically active in 1978/80, Malaysia would have been a better place than now. Politically astute or not, she would have been a better PM tjan the corrupt, evil and scandal ridden Mahathir who blew almost RM100 billion of our money; half of it were meant for Bumis under the NEP.

        What a tragedy and what misfortune befell the country.

  4. Maz says:


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