Bye-bye 2010: If we could pick just one this year…

Pix from Guardian: Affluent young Palestinians at Faisal riding club, Gaza City. By Hartal MSM ‘Buddhism is King Kong religion, says convert ustaz‘ was our most widely read posting with 8,126 page views and drawing 70 reader comments. While the YouTube clip featured was not current, it was nevertheless timely and relevant in the context of … Continue reading

Santa Cross & snow, you reap what you sow

By Sharifuddin A Latiff Teresa Kok, a Christian MP, blogged today Najib should apologise for ‘de-Christianising’ CFM’s Christmas celebration. Her statement was in response to Insider‘s scoop, ‘Paranoid’ aides told church to remove crosses for Najib visit. Teresa reminded: I hope Najib and his office can be aware that there is a deeper meaning to … Continue reading

It’s only Suzuki la, not the World Cup

By Reina Just about all the newspapers front-paged Malaysia winning the ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup with a 4-2 aggregate against Indonesia in Jakarta last night. The Star went one step further by doing a wrap-around. A wrap-around is when the front and back pages are one. Usually this is done for extremely special stories. … Continue reading

DAP may face street protests in Pg by own members

Corruption allegations (click on banner above for the story) The Penang deputy chief minister P. Ramasamy now wants to sue Free Malaysia Today. But read FMT’s side of the story here. Just a little earlier, LGE wanted to sue Utusan. There are several other pieces of published articles over which DAP leaders have announced they … Continue reading

WikiLeaks on the Prophet Muhammad cartoon riots

From Haaretz: The government of Syria was active in organizing the 2006 riots that erupted across the Arab world following the publication of controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, Oslo daily Aftenposten reported Monday, quoting US diplomatic cables released by website WikiLeaks. The cartoons were originally published in neighboring Denmark in 2005. Their publication resulted … Continue reading

‘I don’t hate Mahathir, I just despise him’

A reader using the pseudonym ‘2nd class’ responded to our Saturday posting Rebutting Mahathir, the ‘proud to be anti-Semitic’ hypocrite by saying “Your anti-Mahathir opinion is clearly based on your hatred towards him and not based on fact.” 2nd class also added: “Mahathir may have done injustice to some Malaysian but this is not the reason … Continue reading

Did Mahathir ask the Saatchi family if they were Zionists before hiring them?

Pix: Suicide bombing in Neveh Sha’anan, close to the site of Tel Aviv’s old bus station, (Source: Yahoo! News, 2006.) Yesterday our blog carried a write-up by Maz – a regular Hartal reader and commentator on Rebutting Mahathir, the ‘proud to be anti-Semitic’ hypocrite. Here Maz explains why it is necessary to call Mahathir’s bluff … Continue reading

Rebutting Mahathir, the ‘proud to be anti-Semitic’ hypocrite

Mahathir Mohamad in his Che Det blog has responded to his ranking at one of the Top 3 anti-Semitics in the world (see our previous posting). Below our reader Maz responds to Mahathir’s 18-point posting [Mahathir in blue, Maz in black print]. By Maz 1. Mahathir: The Simon Wiesenthal Centre (Jewish) has published a list … Continue reading

Top 10 haram words

FMT reported: “Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been named as one of the top 10 anti-semitic people for 2010 by the the Simon Weisenthal Centre. However, the 84-year-old statesman refuted the charge, saying he was not against the Arabs and other semitic people, or for that matter Jews who rejected Zionism.” We hope that … Continue reading

Latest Article from the New Malaysian Voices

Listen to what a 15-year-old Anak Bangsa Malaysia has to say about racism in schools. You can read his short but striking article here.