Puppy hanged for sport

The Malay Mail highlighted the above photo in its article ‘Puppy torture photo brings out animal lovers’ anger‘ on Oct 25.

The photo, which has been posted on several blogs and social networking sites, showed two individuals gesturing with an obscene one-finger salute while one was holding a hanged puppy.

Someone retweeted the photo on the Twitter social networking site and this got the attention of the animal rights activists including the SPCA. However, the culprits are unidentified and remain presumably still at large as we’ve not come across any follow-up to the story.

Does anyone know?


UPDATE (Dec 2 / 10.30 am):

We got a tip-off and a bit more info.

The poor puppy in the photo above was afterwards stabbed and crushed as later photos revealed.

The next animal abuse victim by the same group of perpetrators was a German Shepherd. This happened live and real-time on Facebook.

There were pictures of the dog alive with an announcement that he was their next victim and then SEVERAL minutes later the dog was shown dead.

Apparently the animal torturers were/are a group calling themselves ‘Dile Si Al Maltrato’ who had their Facebook page running on August 8th, 2010.

They posted pictures of their next victim, whom they announced they were going to torture for a minimum of 30 minutes.

The victim was a small obviously frightened brown dog, looking pathetically at the person taking the picture, while another boy was laughing holding the dog’s head in his hands.  You could obviously see in the picture that they had already started to torture this animal as it had an open wound on its thigh and something that looked like a stick stuck in the wound.

The above cases of human depravity bring up a question of New Media being put to new uses (or abused) as well as of censorship.

There is an online petition addressed to Facebook creator-cum-president Mark Zuckerberg demanding an apology from the social networking site for allowing the graphic violence.

In other words, the petitioners were upset that they were exposed to such pictures.

The petition said: “Facebook also needs to explain how they will implement  safeguards  to immediately shut down such obviously outright graphic violence AND have a process to immediately notify the legal authorities in the area of the crime, so that arrests are made and criminals are brought to justice.”

No quarrel with the second half of the petition for the sick boys to be brought to book.

However, about “the immediate shutdown” of the Facebook page demanded, averting our eyes from violence doesn’t mean that it hasn’t happened or that animal torture is not going on.

So between the two options, which?

(a) Allow it to be shown and rightly elicit outrage in the hope that people get really, really mad enough to hunt down the sadists? And to send an unequivocal message that such gratuitous violence is not tolerated?

(b) Quickly shove “such obviously outright graphic violence” out of sight? ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

The saner half of humanity needs to be reminded that there are people out there who stab and crush puppies for kicks, who drive a stick into a dog’s open wound that they inflicted.

And who are wired and want the rest of the cyber community to witness their acts. Talk about digital interactivity — here’s another dark frontier of mass media reach.

Evil doesn’t disappear just because people in the comfort of their workstations on the Internet using Facebook don’t want to see it.

The Facebook animal torture group appears to operate abroad. However, their mental sickness is something that transcends geographic location and nationality.

This is something Malaysians should face up to, perhaps not so much our capacity for evil but our capacity for towering apathy and indifference.

2 Responses to “Puppy hanged for sport”
  1. KOK Yoon Lee says:

    I don’t think Facebook should apologise. Not their fault. However, I am not sure if continuing to have the content displayed is alright too. Certainly the contents should be recorded and handed to the authorities so that action can be taken against these evil people. As to why it should be taken down, let me post a question; what if the contents were child pornography? Should it be taken down? The main difference would of course be that the child victim is a person while these poor animals aren’t. Beyond that, shouldn’t the same arguments for taking down the child pornography content be the same as for this?


    Hartal MSM: From what we can gather, the Facebook page was taken down within 24 hours. Therefore, we agree with you that in this particular instance, demanding an apology from Facebook doesn’t stand to reason as they cannot be expected to closely monitor all the content of their global network. It seems thousands of complaints poured in, so Facebook had rightly acted on the complaints. However, it also appears that this animal torturer group had operated before in Facebook and was a repeat offender.

    Our main concern is the attitude of people who choose to look away, who would rather not see that nastiness exist.

    If you refuse to acknowledge the presence of evil, you cannot begin to fight it.

  2. Samson says:

    I would like to hunt the two bastards shown in the photos.
    Samson, you will have to go to Mexico for that – shar101.

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