Kit Siang can be deputy PM if he converts

This is Part 2, a continuation of our previous posting ‘Anwar’s one-man show didn’t consult Pakatan partners’. If Anwar is “God’s gift” to Malaysia, then PAS is the party that “belongs to God” and with their implication that some Malaysians are more godly than others. Heaven help the ungodly! Utusan‘s Dec 2 story ‘Nik Aziz … Continue reading

Anwar’s one-man show didn’t consult Pakatan partners

Do please remember that the Malay heartland is only largely exposed to the Malay media, and the English media is alien to many, if not the English language itself. What impression will Pak Su and Cik Som get from the recent political goings-on? One, that first the wifey, then the hubby syok sendiri. We know … Continue reading

Death By Natural Causes In Malaysia

By Crankster In Malaysia, death by a bullet discharged from the firearm of a ‘trigger-happy’ policeman is now fast becoming ‘death by natural causes’. On 26 Apr 2010, Aminulrasyid Amzah was shot after he tried to flee a roadblock. He did not stand a chance. The 15 year old was killed immediately. Granted, the kid … Continue reading