Kit Siang can be deputy PM if he converts

This is Part 2, a continuation of our previous posting ‘Anwar’s one-man show didn’t consult Pakatan partners’.

If Anwar is “God’s gift” to Malaysia, then PAS is the party that “belongs to God” and with their implication that some Malaysians are more godly than others. Heaven help the ungodly!

Utusan‘s Dec 2 story ‘Nik Aziz tiada masalah Kit Siang jadi TPM‘ quoted the party spiritual leader Tuan Guru Nik Aziz as saying, “PAS boleh tegur dan selama ini DAP tidak pernah canggah teguran PAS, kerana PAS ini bukan kepunyaan PAS, tapi kepunyaan Allah.”

However, Nik Aziz clarifies matters later with his press statement, carried by Merdeka Review yesterday:

Di Kelantan saya pernah mengeluarkan kenyataan berkali-kali bahawa Menteri Besar Kelantan boleh terdiri daripada seorang yang berbangsa Cina dengan syarat merupakan seorang muslim yang soleh.  Lim Kit Siang atau sesiapapun boleh menjadi Timbalan Perdana Menteri bahkan Perdana Menteri sekalipun tidak mempunyai apa-apa halangan, syaratnya merupakan seorang muslim yang soleh.

(“In Kelantan, I have issued the statement many times that even a Chinese can be the state Menteri Besar if he is a pious Muslim. Lim Kit Siang or anybody can be the Deputy Prime Minister, or even Prime Minister without any impediment, but the only the condition is that he is a pious Muslim.”)

Don’t worry … Uncle Kit’s son is already leading the way. Daddy can get pointers from the Saidina of Pulau Pinang on how to be a pious Muslim. And this is the path that the power-hungry DAP is leading its blind supporters, to a scenario where to hold certain positions, one must be Muslim. Or at least a ‘pretend-almost’ one.

Nonetheless LKS shouldn’t be overly thrilled. Learn from Zaid who said Anwar had made many empty promises to the people in the previous general election, but nobody questioned him as to their delivery (see FMT interview).

8 Responses to “Kit Siang can be deputy PM if he converts”
  1. lee says:

    Dear LKS, your silence/non-rebuttal over this imaginative TPM post is giving bullet to Umno /Perkosa to shoot Pakatan down all the time by playing the race card again. Would you be kind enough to tell those wild cowboys to shut up and focus on the nation’s problems rather whether you gonna be TPM whatnot – just tell them you are NOT interested in the post!Your continued silence means otherwise. Pakatan has NOT won yet so pls don’t decide in public who gets what posts, childish really.

    • hartalmsm says:

      Lee, we just got a call from God. He said since the syarat is for a ‘pious’ Muslim — not just any ordinary Muslim but must be alim-alim one — and since that someone ‘Muslim yang soleh’ mesti betui-betui paham dan menjunjung the constitution, Nik Aziz should consider Ridhuan Tee for the job.

  2. Maz says: misquoted Tok Guru ! He said any SLEAZY/FLIRTY Muslim can be DPM/PM meh !

    “…Perdana Menteri sekalipun tidak mempunyai apa-apa halangan, syaratnya merupakan seorang muslim yang SOLEK..” (tak SOLEH..)

    Ishhh…tak pandai u la…u nie tak tahu la….dalam bahasa klantan…k silent ma ! solek===>soleh..
    Sharif mesti u ajar lebih la !!

  3. Maz says:

    LKS converts to what la ? Hubris ?

  4. charleskiwi says:

    This running dog will never have mine and many others the votes in the next GE let alone as DPM !

  5. shankar says:

    So you are implying that non-muslims are not good?

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