God’s gift: The Anwar cometh, parting Red Sea

First there was thunder & lightning


Then came a roaring voice from the clouds: “The Almighty has got a prezzie for you, O people of Malaysia”.

God said: ‘You have 4 choices. You can tick options (a), (b), (c) or (d).

Alamak, ni tak boleh lah, haram … Strike out the wine basket.

Ne’er mind (b) & (c) are redeemable (note expiry date March 7, 2013)

Exchange coupon to collect 1’Saviour’.

Dear customer, God’s gift to Malaysians comes with a two-year warranty & an instruction manual for dummies. Next step, wind up clockwork at the back of Messiah action figure…

and set God’s gift of superhero toy a-walking on the road to Putrajaya.

Tapi, er, bos, ada problem sikit.

Ya ke?

Aiyoh, bateri dah habis. Apa macam nak buat?

One Response to “God’s gift: The Anwar cometh, parting Red Sea”
  1. Maz says:

    I think if you ask Mrs. Anwar, that “red sea” was parted long ago
    (Nurul might concur), but you seem to be suggesting that Anwar
    has penchant for ‘parting seas’ and ‘sowing grains’………

    P/S I did not know Walmart existed in Malaysia (and they have $10 giftcards ?)….

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