Where have all the Indians gone?!

Pix pinched from Outsyed The Box and taken by Syed Akbar Ali of the recent the PKR Convention at the PJ Civic Centre.

We did our ‘Hypocrisy First, DAP Now @ party election‘ posting on Nov 30. It has been brought to our attention that a Millionaire Club (1.2 million-plus hits) blogger Syed Akbar Ali beat us to the punch.

We gave our take that DAP is ‘Hypocrisy First’ but let’s see how a high-profile blogger with a popular Umno-ish readership views the situation. The blogroll of OutSyed The Box include the usual suspects Che Det, Rocky Bru, Big Dog, Parpukari, Pure Shiite, Shamsul Yunos, A Voice, etc, thus hinting at his readership circles.

Btw, Syed Akbar Ali is pro-tem president, elected on Oct 19, of a new grouping called ‘Bloggers For Malaysia’. (For the rest of the office bearers, see list at bottom of page).

Syed Akbar wrote in his blog his posting of Nov 28:

“First here is the DAP’s multiracial lineup for Selangor : Teresa Kok (Chairman), Tony Pua (Deputy), Teng Chang Kim (Vice Chair), Ean Yong (Secretary), Ng Suee Lim, Hannah Yeoh (Treasurer), Lau Weng San, Teo Nie Ching, Janice Lee, Lim Soon Hong, Tiew Way Keng.

As you can see for yourself, all the eleven very important posts above are very multi racial (Theresa Kok is actually a closet Indian). Tony Pua is a Malay. On the other hand, just like in the PKR (we will see shortly) the racist Indians in the DAP have completely cornered the ‘curry leaves’ positions.

Syed Akbar and us are on the same page as to DAP’s purported ‘above’-race wayang kulit.

However, he went further on the theme of Hypocrisy First by looking at the top line-up in Pakatan’s other supposedly multiracial party.

Syed Akbar wrote:

Actually the PKR has about 40,000 active members only and not 400,000 as boasted. They may have 400,000 (or even 4 million) names on their rolls but those are just names. The actual active members are very far less.

[Hartal: The turnout at the PKR congress — as can be seen from the photo — was poor, as was the turnout at the party election. Azmin Ali got his deputy presidency with a final endorsement of just about 19,500 votes.]

Syed Akbar added:

Here is something even more interesting. The PKR says that 50% of their members are Malay, 22% Indian, 12% Chinese and so on (give or take a few points). The same observers whose job it is to observe such things dispute these figures. Of the actual active members of say 40,000 they say that a majority 60% are Indian Tamils.

This means that PKR is now an Indian majority party. However almost zero Indians won any major party posts. The party elections have suffered serious accusations of fraud by almost the entire PKR leadership (except for a few family members and their lovers). Hence no Indians were elected to high positions. Some are of the view that the PKR will self destruct over the coming months.

My view is that if Indians form 60% of active PKR members then they have been seriously short changed. (Continue reading here.)

Popular blog Margeemar gives a perspective from the other side of the coin. Their Dec 2 posting ‘Makkal sakthi or what not, Indians will not be fooled’ featured a write-up by Kesavan Nair.

As a Malaysian First Indian Second, I find it very strange that despite the fact that Umno led BN has been giving a raw deal to the Indians and the other non Malays, we still find Indians led by HINDRAF, Human Rights Part (HRP) and Makkal Sakthi Party whacking away at Pakatan Rakyat. What’s more distressing is the fact that ethnic Indian lawmakers from Pakatan Rakyat have become targets for these groups and individuals.

Strangely, we don’t see or hear neither the MIC nor the other pro BN Indian political parties whacking away at Pakatan Rakyat like these groups are doing. What we are seeing is that for some strange reason Indians every where appear to have a bone to pick with Pakatan Rakyat and their elected Reps. The BN-Umno controlled mainstream media such as TV3, Utusan Malaysia and the Star have picked up on this and are spinning these issues as though Pakatan Rakyat are discriminating against ethnic Indians in Malaysia. (Continue reading at MarGeeMar.)

Worried that the so-called ‘Third Force’ will only work in BN-Umno’s favour, Nair states: “I’m okay with the ‘Third Force’ but first let’s close ranks and get rid of BN-Umno.”

Hartal MSM: From what we can gather, Hindraf has been hitting out at Pakatan because they felt that Anwar and the rest rode on the Makkal Sakthi wave but have failed to do much for the Indians since March 8.

We have to agree with Margeemar that MSM and blogs like Syed Akbar and his blogroll friends who cater to the establishment audience are having a field day, largely due to the hypocrisy of Pakatan itself.


List below sourced from ‘Bloggers For Malaysia‘. May we point out to Tuan Syed that his organization has also no Indian (or at least Hindu) office holders?

Bloggers for Malaysia: Pro-tem office bearers

[blog name in brackets]

  • Syed Akbar Ali (OutSyedTheBox) – President
  • Akhramsyah Sanusi Junid (The Malay Mind) – Deputy President
  • Tony Yew (muststopthis) – Secretary
  • Mohamad Firdaus Abdullah (Signboard) – Deputy Secretary
  • Zakhir Mohamed (Bigdogdotcom) – Treasurer

Committee members:

  • Ahirudin Attan (RockyBru)
  • Shamsul Akmar Musa Kamal
  • Endie Shazlie bin Senator Dato Akbar Ali (Malay Mail chief operating officer)
  • Eric Woon (I am a Malaysian)
8 Responses to “Where have all the Indians gone?!”
  1. casper says:

    Now, now hartalmsm, stoking the amber with Pakatan Rakyat – don’t you think the better question and objective, knowing the curry leaves are missing, who best represents ‘their’ interest regardless of the make up of say, DAP or Pakatan committee ?

    Take a bigger view of your critique and honestly tell me the purpose of hitting below the belt ? No one can force an unwilling member to openly hold their hands up to participate and as to the reason/s why the Indian brigade shy away, is perhaps best left for them to answer. And by the way, there is no money to be had in Pakatan Rakyat politics – let me rephrase that – the money isn’t exactly flowing like the gravy train that is UMNO, the people won’t have it, period.


    Hartal MSM:

    Dear Casper,

    We’re aware of the argument of opting for the lesser of two evils. However, the lesser nonetheless remains evil with the potential for greater evil & we’re not settling for replacing one bunch of crooks with another bunch of crooks.

    The Hartal team has already announced that we support the emergence of the third force.

    As to the gravy train, don’t forget that S’gor & Pg are the most developed states where the money is. DAP sacked its veteran member and councillor Tee Boon Hock on the accusation of “abuse of power involving the misuse of a the official letterhead of a Selangor state executive councillor to write letters of support to secure state contracts for his family and friends”.

    For stories on Pg developers and the state govt, ref. Anil Netto’s website. See also our own posting on the lack of transparency ‘Guan Eng, don’t “cakap tak serupa bikin“!’


  2. Devan says:

    Down with UMNO!!!!

  3. casper says:

    Appreciate the reply, as I was just checking in before the sandman visits.

    Having been immune to the worst of ‘excesses’ – billions lost – under UMNO, I guess the news of one DAP councilperson ‘fiddling’ contracts for own benefit didn’t resonate with me. Of course, this is just my opinion and if that was the worst so far, let me then say, we are in good hands considering how the unsavoury end of business was dealt with – really. Perhaps I place more faith in the elders in DAP ie Karpal and co. than I should.

    Can’t comment on Anil or the business end of dealings in Penang as I haven’t a clue but as for the 3rd Force, I’m all for it if there are gains to be had/in roads into presenting voters in the heartland with a viable alternative.

    I guess the 3rd Force came about because there are many able minds who could be useful in a Pakatan Rakyat admin/government but not even a lay member of any affiliation. On that count, I’m all right with the idea but then again, conflict may arise further down the road. And this being politics, one word out of place and minds go warring helter skelster.

    No matter, we are poise for a new political awakening that might just see M’sia grow on and catch up with the time. My best as always to all at hartal.

    • hartalmsm says:

      If you put it that way, yes 🙂 Pakatan does pale in comparison. While we would agree with you about the Elders Karpal & LKS, we don’t think so about LGE, Anwar or Azmin. And the PAS people are a different kettle of fish altogether.

      Our best to you too, Casper.

  4. Maz says:

    “Where have all the Indians gone?!”


    Please hum the tune for us !

  5. ary says:

    For the past few years i supported pakatan but when i saw what was always mentioned in parliament really pissed me off.,.hey,can you guys see that these stupid pakatan mps always talking about race issues instead of the bread n butter issues….all this race issues are destroying the country.,

  6. Maz says:

    George Armstrong Custer said the same thing; it ultimately didn’t fare too well for him….

  7. Dr. Pang HC says:

    “The Hartal team has already announced that we support the emergence of the third force.”

    And on what basis are you convincing us Malaysians to believe that the so-called third force will be one of integrity, sincerity and not prone to temptation?

    DAP’s track record says it all – its leaders have gone through decades of shame and persecution, slander and battery, demonisation and even imprisonment yet they still perservere in their quest for justice, democracy and transparency.


    Hartal MSM: That was before March 8, 2008. But look at some of them today. Ask LGE about the land deals. Ask him why he was not transparent about Kg Buah Pala (read our Dec 10 posting.)

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