Sorry lah, we were teasing earlier but now must read this one

We’re guessing that readers who tuned in to our ‘Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!‘ posting yesterday were expecting something salacious on local politics, only to see on the page a Turkey story and it’s not even Thanksgiving.

But now, here is our brief observation on the domestic ‘traitor’ business.

Who it is usually who screams ‘penderhaka’ and ‘pengkhianat’ at opponents they want to shoot down? Umno, right?

So what do you make of the screams at Zaid of “Traitor!” in PKR? We’d think that the Umno DNA in PKR is showing.

The popular saying goes that you can only fool some of the people some of the time. While the Azmin camp may think they can get away with simply maligning Zaid, the ‘traitor’ label can bite back at the boy who cried wolf.

In the PKR election fiasco, the party machinery had blithely spread unsubstantiated allegations that Zaid was a ‘Trojan horse’. So if Zaid is a ‘traitor’ for highlighting irregularities …

… then so is Mustafa Kamil Ayub a traitor, Jonson Chong a traitor, Animah Ferrar a traitor, Chegubard a traitor and the other 162 complainants over the PKR election shortcomings all traitors — every single one of them TRAITORS!!! — as well.

All the PRK contenders mentioned above brought up the matter of irregularities in the party election. They’re not ‘nobodies’. They had contested major posts: Mustafa (for deputy president), Jonson (vice president), Animah (Wanita chief), Chegubard (Youth chief).

The name-calling and labelling are symptoms of Pakatan’s incipient gutter political culture.

And what do you make of PKR deputy president elect Azmin Ali whose first reaction was a vow to cleanse PKR of ‘traitors’, only to backpedal later?

In today’s FMT,

UM survey: PKR’s public image battered’

By G Vinod

PETALING JAYA: PKR and its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim are suffering from a public confidence crisis, according to a survey.

The survey by Universiti Malaya’s Faculty of Literature and Social Science showed that the allegation-riddled PKR polls had an impact on public peception, especially in urban areas.

Involving 1,124 respondents aged between 20 to 50 years of all races, the survey by the faculty’s democracy and election research unit was done between Nov 19 and Nov 28.

“On whether the internal bickering during the party polls had eroded their confidence in PKR, a whopping 52% of the respondents said it had whereas 29% said it did not. Another 19% were uncertain.”

“However, the survey stated that 37% of the respondents obtained their information on the party polls from the mainstream media. Only 11.6% referred to the internet while 16.8% of the respondents gathered information from different mediums.”

6 Responses to “Sorry lah, we were teasing earlier but now must read this one”
  1. Oldman says:

    some good agenda has been created by someone in the party. those peoples has thinks that they don’t have any good future in PKR. so they started created something to give attention another party put some sympathy on them and give some credit. you know what I meant by credit. think further and wisely.

  2. nordin says:

    batu api,batu api,batu api.

  3. La says:

    What’s new. Everybody knows and even the BN knows that Anwar’s image and reputation amongst the PKR faithful had taken a battering with his unwise move to interfere in the PKR election. To Anwar, Azmin and anwar’s team should win at all cost. They win indeed, albeit suspiciously and in questionable circumstances and worst at great cost as seen from the UM survey.

    Umno also knows Anwar’s support base amongst thePKR faithful had been dented. That is why they are pushing for his suspension in Parliament for the APCO issue. Umno knows there will be no sympathy for Anwar from the PKR’s faithful who feel alienated. The PKR faithfuls also won’t be bothered anymore with the Umno orchestrated ‘sodomy 2’ sham.

    Anwar and PKR had indeed shot themselves in their feet. their malaise is self-inflicted. You reap what you sow. Not all the PKR faithfuls are ex-Umno members. These people fight for issues and not personalities. A clear eg can be seen by the stand taken by Che Gu Bard. He refused to acknowledge the result of the election.

  4. when articles written praising them of their popularity, they were smiling, but when their party ( pkr ) were whacked, they cannot take it. their arrogance is astonishing. do not talk about going to putra jaya, i do not think they can even go to parliment.

  5. vasantha says:

    As I have said before, Anwar has the makings of a tragic Shakesperian character I have no doubt as to his intelligence.and charisma. Nevertheless, he seem to be constantly followed by his past like Macbeth.The baggage is heavy. He would be doing himself and PKR and Wan Azizah a whole lot of good if he puts down the baggage and go away, I am not sugggesting disappearing into the night, My Dear Anwar must always be heard on the lecture circuit like President Clinton.I think he has much to serve on a international platform.The world becckons you.Sir.

  6. Maz says:


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