by Eyes Wide Open

Much has been said by Malaysian politicians on both sides of the Great Divide, especially since the 2008 General Elections. Malaysia still seems to be stuck in the mud, hardly making any progress forward as an economy, a society, a nation.

Much has been said by supporters of the politicians from both sides of the Great Divide. But many Malaysians still have not learnt to disagree in a civil manner. And instead of working out important issues and coming up with possible solutions, many simply resort to personal attacks and mud-slinging their opponents.

For the past 2 years, HartalMSM has striven to be the alternative voice to the BN-controlled media juggernaut. As such, we were seen as a pro-Pakatan movement even though we had adopted a neutral stance. And lately, as we pick apart the no less biased Pakatan-controlled media, HartalMSM has been accused as BN running dogs (among other such “niceties”).

It is becoming patently clear that with this level of thinking, our politicians and their supporters will not be able to save Malaysia from its slow slide into oblivion.

Who then will save Malaysia?

It must be her people.

It must the vast silent majority who want no part of the political bickering but wish everyone would just engage their brains and get to work!

Many Malaysians have kept quiet because they feel that supporting one side may not necessarily be better than the other. Many feel frustrated that our politicians can’t see the solutions in front of them that seem so obvious to everyone else.

Perhaps YOU are one of the silent majority.

Well, we’ve heard enough from the politicians telling us what to believe. It’s time they LISTENED to what WE THE PEOPLE believe!

As such, we will be starting a new section in HartalMSM called The New Malaysian Voices. In this section, we will feature the voices of people that are not usually heard – the silent majority of Malaysians that are quietly hoping and praying for a better Malaysia for all. And we want them to be heard loud and clear. Now it’s time for a Third Voice to be heard in Malaysia.

But we can’t do this alone.

We need your help to help us spread these voices as far and wide as possible. Email to your friends, share on facebook, link us to your blogs or websites, anything to create awareness that THE SILENT MAJORITY ARE NOT ALONE!

Let’s create another tsunami for Malaysia! Only this time, it will be a great tidal wave of unstoppable public opinion that politicians from both sides can never ignore!

And let this 2nd tsunami finish the work of change and renewal in Malaysia that was begun in the 2008!

The time is now!

Click here to read the first article from the first of the silent majority to step forward and be heard.

  1. Maz says:


  2. vasantha says:

    Two days ago, angry Britons attacked the car of the heir to the British Throne. A very interesting turn of events. It goes to show that we live in different times. Even Disney dishes repackaged versions of their fairy tales. People are more discerning these days. In times of economic distress, people want leaders who could come up with solutions to face day to day problems. The taxi driver, whom I chatted up with yesterday is not interested in crooked bridges or 100 storey towers. Neither was he amused with the idea of having a Chinese or a Indian as the Deputy Prime Minister of this country. His concern was his dwindling passengers each day. I told him, it is because of the shrinking ringgit! People are thinking twice about jumping into a cab. On World Anti Corruption Day, unscrupulous taxi drivers were happily and shamelessly fleecing people in front of the iconic KLCC building. These things are a reflection of poor governance in our country.
    We are not interested in the racial origin of our leaders. We want people of high moral standing and integrity. We do not wish to see Ex-Menteri Besars smiling all the way to court. What does he think, ‘is he going to receive the Nobel Peace Prize?’ Nor do we want politicians who put a racial face on everything! I would be happy with any government that is clean and works for the good of all its citizens. This new wave politician must be able to say no to corruption, nepotism, egoism and radicalism. He must live by God’s words. It is aright to strive to be the master of a country but must hold dearly the truth that GOD is the master of all. Our promises and words must amount to something.

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