Penangites should ask Guan Eng about the land deals

Pix: Screenshot of reader’s response to an Anil Netto report on the building of condos on Penang hillslopes.

The public forum on Penang’s Freedom of Information (FOI) Enactment Bill was to have been held on Nov 28 but postponed due to Lim Chong Eu’s passing.

Chairman of the select committee on the FOI bill Jagdeep Singh Deo told a press conference yesterday that the response was poor in terms of public feedback.

The Sun reported Jagdeep, who is also DAP’s Datuk Keramat assemblyman, as saying, “It speaks for itself when only three persons have responded.” The three are Gerakan, Penang Chinese Journalists and Photographers Association and Malaysiakini.

Don’t Penangites care about or want freedom of information? We guess not. They are only following leadership by example of the state chief minister.

Last September, we had pointed out that Lim Guan Eng refused to declassify the minutes of the state exco meeting regarding the Kg Buah Pala issue. See Hartal posting ‘Guan Eng, don’t “cakap tak serupa bikin”!

Guan Eng had said there were no minutes (yeah, right) on Kg Buah Pala although a brief statement of what transpired during the meeting was issued.

That was before FOI. But what’s the use of a tool if people don’t use it?

We had said in our September 2009 posting that it would be wise for LGE “to come out in the open, declassify documents and explain the real situation. Just as he had always demanded from those in Barisan Nasional.”

There are other land deals on which LGE should come clean.

“More than 100 villagers of Kampung Genting demonstrated over the acquisition of 40 hectares in their village for the construction of a tertiary education institution,” Bernama reported on Nov 9.

The university getting the Malay land from the DAP state government is not a local uni but a foreign one, i.e. it’s a private enterprise which will earn ‘some people’ big bucks.

Oh, now we understand.

Penangites love their DAP state government, that’s why they “give chance”.

That’s why they take no interest in the FOI. It is only the opposition in Penang who want DAP to answer hard questions. Penangites who love their DAP state government don’t need DAP to answer any questions (‘love’ means never having to explain yourself).

Penangites who support DAP don’t support FOI because they don’t need Guan Eng to be accountable.

Close one eye… BN or PR — WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? — same culture.

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