No wonder he wants FB banned!

by Eyes Wide Open

On December 7th, it was reported that Umno Supreme Council member Dr Shahidan Kassim wanted Facebook to be blocked as it posed a threat to national security. He is quoted as saying, “If the website content poses a threat to national security and insults Islam, then it is unnecessary to have Facebook,” after accompanying Perlis Facebook Association committee members to lodge a report at the Kangar police station. (BTW, what’s up with the Facebook Association?! Forming a social network for the sake of a social network?! How stupid is that!?)

You can read the report here.

We featured a commentary by a twenty-something, Larry Yap, on this issue. And regular commentor Maz pointed out that our friend Shahidan actually has a facebook page himself!

But get this:

Only 151 Likes?!

Come on!! Shahidan is a Supreme Council member of a party that boasts over 3 million members, and all he can muster is 151 Likes?!

No wonder he wants facebook banned. It’s pathetic, a bloody embarassment!

Well, good luck to you Shahidan. Let’s see if your “ban facebook” speech can win you more FB Likes for your boss’ 1Malaysia.

One Response to “No wonder he wants FB banned!”
  1. FenceSitter says:

    Running for PM’s office in the State of Putrajaya? I didn’t know Putrajaya is a state.

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