Aiyoh, why didn’t God red alert his ‘gift’ (Anwar)?

The Malaysian Insider considered ‘WikiLeaks reveals Anwar ‘walked into’ sex trap’ such a big story that it was written by the MI editor himself Jahabar Sadiq.

Jahabar concluded his article with “All parties within PR have expressed support for Anwar despite the on-going sodomy trial but some allies privately say the opposition leader should expect to be convicted and jailed, and should either step aside or anoint a successor to hold the pact together”.

Wasn’t that Zaid’s campaign theme — that PKR should prepare itself for life after Anwar? So why shoot the messenger if the message is relevant?

In an immediate reaction to the Wikileak reported in The Sun-Herald, Anwar tweeted: “Source? M’sian SB [Special Branch] ha, ha.” He scoffs at the revelation.

Clap, clap, clap for Anwar’s Hypocrisy First moment.

Anwar mocks at an accusation implicating him but his family party PKR went to town on Zaid being a ‘Trojan horse’, “paid by Umno” without a shred of evidence.

The same Anwaristas who had no compunction running down Zaid without any proof are now up in arms at this Wikileak which they claim is unsubstantiated. You reap what you sow.

Azizah must be most perplexed why God– who gave Malaysia Anwar as His “gift” — didn’t warn the Anointed One to steer a 100 miles clear of Saiful. Why give Saiful the close proximity job? Why take Saiful on trips overseas?

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10 Responses to “Aiyoh, why didn’t God red alert his ‘gift’ (Anwar)?”
  1. Eagle says:

    Wow! wikileaks can start 3rd world war if the world population are stupid.

  2. vasantha says:

    We must show lots of empathy for Anwar. In the bible, it is said that “who amongst us has not sinned,cast the first stone”. Anwar is an intelligent man who alas is still paying a dear price for a personal choice made. I would reiterate he retire from the false world of politics. I personally do not have a problem with anyone’s sexual inclination but many people still seem to have a problem with their leaders’ sex life.

    • hartalmsm says:

      Shouldn’t we have a problem with Anwar’s hypocrisy too? Casting stones at someone’s sexual sins is one thing but emphatically, Anwar was throwing stones at Zaid while himself living in a glass house.

  3. vasantha says:

    Anwar is not without faults. I see your point too but I do not believe in a tit for tat. I like you, Hartalmsm.

  4. La says:

    Aiiyo, you must be stupidlah if you believe this wikileaks strory. It is only an intelligence reportlah. Intelligence report are based on hearsay evidences and cld never stand up in a court of law. The malaysian SB prepared many intelligence report which saw innocent men and women being ISAed including that journalist woman and Teresa Kok. All those intelligence reports are a load of bullshit and mere fabrication. Singapore SB must have picked up the intelligence rpt prepared by the malaysian SB.

    I know you hated Anwar that much and the same here after the PKR election fiasco. But be rational a bit in yr analysis. That intelligence rpt is true in one aspect only, namely that there was a sex trap arranged and prepared by Najib and Rodwan whom Saiful met 2 days prior to the incident. In an entrapment case, Saiful has to be a willing participant and shld be prepared to be buggered by Anwar. And during the trap Rodwan and his men must position himself around the area so that when Saiful gave the signal that Anwar is buggering him, they would immediately rush in and nab him in the act. That is the modus operandi of all entrapment cases. Go and ask any ACA/Macc and police officers who are expet in entrapment cases and they would tell you the same modus; and that they would tell you straight away without batting an eyelid that the trap they laid for Anwar as exposed by Wikileak did not materialize. Otherwise Anwar is a goner.. Otherwise on that day itself, Anwar wld have been arrested by rodwan and his men, Saiful sent for medic exam and a police rpt lodged.

    All the evidences that Saiful gave in court is a load of bullshit for it totally contradicted to the wikileak expose. He claimed he was forcefully buggered when in actula fact he was a willing participant in the sex trap. If he had indeed been buggered, then his evidence would be like this; ‘ yes, there was a trap laid for Anwar. i was asked and agreed to participate and the trap area was at the apartment. Once nside the apartment, I stripped and asked Anwar whether he wanted to have a go at me. Anwar agreed and we did it’. That should have been his evidence in court. and not those lies that he mouthed earlier.


    Hartal MSM: Do have a read of the opinion by another reader ‘1M’ left on our previous ‘voluptuous blonde‘ posting on Wikileaks.

    • La says:

      I have read it. 1M doesn’t know what intelligence report is and how it is gathered by the intelligence agencies. He/She accused others of giving a contrary opinion as Anwar’s supporters. I have posted many comments in yr blog criticizing Anwar. I’m neither his fan nor supporter. I only offer balanced and rational opinion.

      S’pore intelligence were sure of the sex-trap based on teir ‘tecnical intelligence’. If they were sure that Anwar had taken the bait, then they must have a photo, video recording or a transcript of the conversation between Saiful and Anwar in the apartment. Without this evidence, that intelligence report that says he bit the bait is pure conjecture and a figment of one’s imagination.

      In court we rely on hard facts and not mere conjecture. To be fair to the man, provide some hard and cold fact that he bit the bait. Such evidences would be more damaging to him than the sham trial..

  5. charleskiwi says:

    How many of you out there can resist the temptation of a
    backside especially it does come very easily ?

  6. nordin says:

    Kalau tak suka pun,bukak lah mata dan minda tu dan baca betul betul.bodoh ke SB,nak entrap tapi tak pasang camera dll.kalau anwar walk into the trap,sure ada dapat recording blue film.masalah nya anwar did not wallk into the trap.jangan lah jadi macam ‘msm’.aku pun dah meluat lah dengan kuncu kuncu zaid ni.

  7. Fi-sha says:

    Eh! HartalMSM, you sounded like DZI’s mouthpiece! Is it for your own survival that you have to stoop this low? There’s no tape whatsoever on DSAI’s ‘entrapment’, if it did occur, but as for DZI, well, there are people who have photographic memory etched in their brain on how some people would do anything to power grabbing. Just read DZI’s “saya pun melayu” for a start.

  8. Maz says:

    That really is a SpongeBob phone you know !

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