Dewan Ulama next for DAP?

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

You know what they say about Malaysian Chinese and their most intimidating efficiency. DAP under the Caliph Umar Lim Abdul Aziz is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Chinese-dominated party has the potential of being more efficient in carrying out Islamisation than the parties purportedly representing those of us Malays who are born Muslim.

The historic doa recital at the Penang DAP convention is a wonderful step among the many other steps that Caliph Umar Lim has been taking to promote the Islamic state.

In fact, this is such a positive development that it has sparked the spontaneous creation of Kelab-Kelab Penyokong DAP comprising Malays who support the party’s warm outreach to our community.

These penyokong-penyokong will give their votes to DAP if the party in turn is willing to consider the following 10-point proposal.

A first draft of the DAP pro-Islam Charter on this historic date of 7 Muharram 1432 A.H. marks the beginning of a new era. Hari ini dalam sejarah hails an historic turning point in Malaysian First race-religion relations.

Roadmap for DAP:

  • Kelab Penyokong DAP expects to see a Dewan Ulama set up in the party.
  • DAP should have a 30 percent quota for Muslims and a 10 percent Bumiputera discount on membership subscription.
  • To cater for the anticipated influx of Malays into the party after Caliph Umar Lim’s prayerful start to the membership drive, all the DAP offices throughout the country should prepare surau facilities for its Malay-Muslim members and ensure that all party functions respect Muslim sensitivities and comply with Islamic guidelines.
  • DAP must promise that when it becomes the federal government, it will introduce doa in all the Chinese and Tamil schools, in keeping with the very positive trend that the caliphate of Umar Lim Abdul Aziz started at its convention held in Pulau Pinang Bakal Serambi Mekah.
  • The universities already have a compulsory Civilizational Islam course. Kelab Penyokong expects DAP to implement this course starting from primary school (understandably, since Caliph Umar Lim is himself a leading scholar of Islamic civilization).
  • When DAP comes to power, it must ensure that all school canteens are halal but it can start pilot projects in Penang first.
  • It is expected that DAP take note of the sensitivities of tutup aurat and make selendang compulsory at all public or official functions for all women and young women regardless of race and religion who akil baligh (have attained puberty).
  • DAP must support the full-fledged enforcement of Article 121(A) so as to make Islamic law supreme in the land.
  • DAP must support hudud. Kelab Penyokong fully expects PAS to instruct DAP on this at their upcoming Pakatan convention.
  • Malays have absolutely no objection to Lim Kit Siang becoming deputy prime minister as long as he’s a Muslim. The Malays have been praying hard for Lim Guan Eng to convert to Islam. Both the father and son should immediately do so and show leadership by example.

Addendum: It is expected that Karpal Singh will raise strong objections to this charter. To ensure that the DAP historic charter with its new Malay voters is fulfilled, Karpal as a potential troublemaker and traitor to DAP’s new cause should be sacked — pronto!

Personal postscript: I, Sharifuddin A Latiff, will volunteer to be pro-tem president of Kelab Penyokong DAP … when pigs fly. However, I fear that DAP will seriously and successfully undertake all of the above long before the geneticists engineer a new specie of pig with wings.

13 Responses to “Dewan Ulama next for DAP?”
  1. n says:

    You betul betul batu api lah, benda baik pun you tak suka. you suruh lah zaid beli satu pulau dan you perintah that pulau together lah.ok

  2. infansolaris says:

    No further proof needed for DAP’s shameless and meretricious pandering to all things Islamic. Delusional, Abased Pariah’s. Helen Ang is undoubtedly right.

    • Helen Ang says:

      Hopefully I shall be right too about the Caliph Umar Lim getting a backlash from the DAP traditional constituency for the abject poseur’s incredible hubris. See ya in the battle zone on Thurs. Thanks your consistent support Solaris — much appreciated.

  3. Serious Shepherd says:

    Nothing wrong for DAP to learn from PAS(t) mistakes, from Parti Komunis Malaya’s past mistakes of not having Malay battalions nationwide to PAS’ experience of establishing ‘Mati Mati Mati’ (Chinese Consultative Council, but with acronym as CCC, siapa yang PAS nak jumpa?) and later got their ‘backlash from PAS traditional constituency’, and left with 1 kerusi Parlimen and 2 kerusi DUN. But today, that Mati Mati Mati becomes Kelab Penyokong PAS, and their members can even contest at Parlimen and DUN.

    Those sindiran in this article reminds me of UMNO cybertrooper who asked newly-elected YB Nizar as MP of Bukit Gantang to have BabiQ with the Chinese voters.
    Seriously SeriousShepherd, as a malay, therefore defined by Malaysian law a muslim, I expect DAP to remain totally secular to protect my status as a bona fide citizen of this nation according to the Fed Con. Neither PAS nor PKR can do this for me.

    Thus DAP’s jinak-menjinak with all things islamic will have political ramifications for the likes of me.

    What does Kelab Penyokong PAS have to say to PAS Youth’s frequent protests to ‘unislamic’ activities?

    I walked back 15 km dalam hujan renyai2 to base HQ in Bukit Gantang for Nizar after doing my watch duty at the polling station from 9am to 5pm because my Barisan Rakyat blogger colleagues were indisposed to fetch me. Do you really think I can be easily persuaded to become anti-PR?

    Baca yang tersurat, fahami yang tersirat – shar101.

    • Serious Shepherd says:

      DAP can decide to ‘remain totally secular’ but that will not give any appeal to the Malays yang sering dihasut oleh UMNO that DAP menindas Melayu, and that DAP is ‘komunis di bandar’ (as opposed to PKM which is ‘komunis di hutan’). Same goes with PAS who has decided not to remain in total fundamentalism and starts being a party for all.

      The secular PKM did not ‘jinak-menjinak’ (yang sebenarnya ialah berjinak-jinak) with Islam and they got little Malay support and subsequently failed to drive off the British from Malaya, and the British continued to have a good share of the Malayan/Malaysian economy for the next few decades after independence, and the Malays shamelessly continue to address them as Tuan.

      PAS Youth’s frequent protests to unIslamic activities? Fahami yang tersirat. They were protesting the Be End govt that sacked a ‘morally unfit’ Deputy Prime Minister but allow ‘morally unfit’ gay artist to perform in Malaysia. Not to mention the performance by a Canadian singer at Stadium Merdeka just before the ulangtahun kemerdekaan yang ke-51 (so is Avril Lavigne our Bapa Kemerdekaan now?) For the record, they did not protest during Kris Allen and Kelly Clarkson’s concerts.

      Whether you will be judged as anti-PR or not, it will be decided based on your actions. Drawing the ‘roadmap for DAP’ while UMNO cybertroopers are spreading lies that DAP menindas Melayu di Pulau Pinang is like becoming the other side of talam of Be End’s talam dua muka propaganda machine .
      SeriousShepherd, I will not compromise on upholding secularism. For me, confronting creeping islamisation whether from BN or PR is an effort worth addressing. It’s a matter of principle. It’s definitely not meant to diminish or bolster the vote bank for either side – shar101.

  4. infansolaris says:

    You’re welcome, Helen. Coming from the NGO community, I respect and support the opinions of those who say it like it really is without fear or favour and in the interests of social justice. I find your articles filled with exceptional verity. Judging by the silence of DAP’s traditional constituency on the progression of the Caliph’s fascination for all things Islamic until now (to my perception), I doubt any form of backlash is forthcoming but we shall just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, please continue to speak truth to power, Helen. You’re doing us all a great service. Thank you.

  5. vasantha says:

    LIm Guan Eng is no cheapskate person like Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. This is a good person reaching out to all his people in Penang. What is wrong with embracing all religions? Islam has got a bad rap in recent times, thanks to the likes of Bin Ladin and unsavory politicians in our country. The dominant religion in our country is Islam. If a non Muslim politician is to govern a state, he must win over all his people. This is not hypocrisy. I see it as smart politicking. Dear Sharifuddin, not everyone has your level of maturity. I have many Muslim friends who are good people but they need a lot of assurance that a new wave of politicians as envisioned by Haris Ibrahim and YPK will in no way undermine their political and religious position. How is this article going to help achieve this goal of a NEW Malaysia?
    Hi Vasantha – No more sacred cows like what happened with BN for 53 years through the manipulations of UMNO Baru, including a former premier.

    The PR convention is scheduled for 19th December in Penang and one of the things which will NOT be addressed is the issue of an islamic state. Instead, matters of mutual/common interests will be given prominence.

    So does this mean ‘sensitive’ issues will be discussed behind close doors, away from public scrutiny? Like BN?

    I’ve witnessed LKS turn a forum event into something else altogether because the audience had a substantial indian presence (this was after Hindraf in 2007). Haris Ibrahim being the last speaker was left flabbergasted because he came to speak on the pre-set agenda (anti-ISA).

    Also, the PKFZ debacle was a national issue but a 2008 DAP forum didn’t have a single representative from PAS/PKR. I queried LKS on this at the post-event gathering, much to the chagrin of Zorro.

    There’s more .. but I’ve a meeting to attend .. and a nation to take back for the rakyat – shar101.

  6. Zul says:

    Guys, I for one am very excited about this politik baru and what it will bring to Malaysia in future. Last fortnight Tok Guru Nik Aziz and DSAI committed a Malaysian of Chinese origin – LKS, as DPM. Thats a pandora box that rattled a lot who used to the ‘current’ state of affairs. This weekend LGE invited the Pas wakil to recite the Doa. That certainly another pandora – and i am sure it is rippling greatly. This is what we need. How long do we want Malaysia to stick to Bangsa-way of doing things. Sceptics may say these are rhetoric and skin deep but Come on Malaysia, we have to support these statesmen and tell them yes – this is what we want to. Leaders can’t lead if we do not support.

  7. Paul Warren says:

    Drink to that!! Errr…Should that be without alcohol?
    Haven’t come across duty-free alcohol-free singles yet, bro. You know what to do – shar101.

  8. vasantha says:

    Point taken. Sometimes I am a little too “LURUS”

  9. Maz says:

    Roadmap for DAP:

    (How could you forget ?)

    **DAP will require all non-Malay members to abstain from pork and pork-based products**
    Addendum: It is expected that Karpal Singh will raise strong objections to this charter. To ensure that the DAP historic charter with its new Malay voters is fulfilled, Karpal as a potential troublemaker and traitor to DAP’s new cause should be sacked — pronto!


    **Karpal will form a new party (you heard it hear first) PRSSM=Parti Rakyat Sekular Sikh diMalaysia**

  10. Maz says:

    hear===>here !

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