Anwar wanna take on Kuan Yew, sure or not?

Yesterday, Keadilan Daily reported Anwar Ibrahim’s lawyer Sankara Nair as announcing that the PKR de facto leader intends to sue several media as well as Dr M for defamation regarding the Wikileaks on his alleged sodomy.

Keadilan Daily reported today on Anwar challenging Lee Kuan Yew:

“Dia ada bukti (tentang tuduhan terhadap saya)? Saya akan jawab. Lee Kuan Yew mahu pergi mahkamah, silakan jadi saksi bagi pihak Najib.

“Sama ada dia hendak percaya atau tidak, itu urusan dia. Fitnah itu saya akan lawan. Tetapi persoalannya, kenapa bahan bukti tidak diberikan sehingga kini? soal Anwar.

For the English version of Anwar’s challenge to LKY, see Malaysian Insider report on the PKR roadshow last night.

Meanwhile, Malaysiakini has Anwar ticking off Singapore for interfering in Malaysia’s domestic affairs. The Malaysiakini report titled ‘Anwar to Kuan Yew: Let’s meet in court‘ said:

“Singapore should just mind its own business. Don’t meddle in our fight with BN… don’t be insolent (kurang ajar).”

LKY has faced off his opponents in court on charges of the international media defaming him and come out of the encounters victorious.

Pakatan is similarly lawsuit-happy and we can recollect that Anwar has threatened several libel suits. [See ‘Anwar Ibrahim – The Great Suer’ by KTemoc] Whatever become of those?

Teresa Kok also sued Utusan for the articles that led to her ISA as well as lodged a police report on the paper’s publication of the so-called fiction cerpen (short story) ‘YB Josephine’ about the assassination of an opposition leader strikingly resembling her, penned by former Utusan editor Chamil Wariya.

Her party compatriot Lim Guan Eng announced that his party would sue Utusan Malaysia for defamation over linking the prime suspect in the Sosilawati murder to a DAP life membership. LGE denied that the suspect was a DAP life member.

These are not the only Pakatan leaders saying they would sue MSM. There have been quite a few. Gobalakrishnan says he’ll sue Samy Vellu and his son Vell Paari, Dr Syed Husin Ali to sue Utusan Malaysia, and so on.

“DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng has issued a directive to all party MPs who have been apparently “defamed” by false newspaper reports to file civil suits.

Citing reports on DAP Youth chief Anthony Loke Siew Fook as a recent example, Lim accused certain newspapers of “stirring up things for their own benefit”.

“I have instructed all DAP MPs who have been defamed by newspapers to sue the related papers immediately.” — The Star (‘DAP MPs asked to sue over ‘false reports’, 15 Aug, 2009)

And here’s Guan Eng again himself to sue Utusan over inter-faith council report. Whatever happened to all these? How come no news?

However, when it comes to the government (its agency) suing the opposition papers, chances are greater for the lawsuit to be successful! Felda wins default judgment against Suara Keadilan.

Like we said earlier of Anwar attacking Zaid, people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

Anwar wants to take on LKY in court?! Well, you wait and see who will get a bloodied nose from the shrapnel and splinters when the glasshouse shatters. It ain’t gonna be the Singapore minister mentor.


* When PAS does something, it’s focused on its objective and goes for a win, unlike DAP and PKR making a lot of noise. Mahfuz menang RM120,000 saman Utusan. Nonetheless, there is one area that DAP is giving PAS a run for its money (see HERE).

12 Responses to “Anwar wanna take on Kuan Yew, sure or not?”
  1. La says:

    If Anwar takes on Lee Kuan Yew in a Singapore court, then LKY will win hands down. The whole world knows it. But if both agrees that a UK court hears the matter, I think Lee Kuan Yew will be bloodied if at all he admitted making those statements attributed to him by Wikileak. He stands on shaky ground.

    But, Anwar will never win a defamatory suit against Lee Kuan Yew in any court in the world for one simple reason. LKY’s defence is simple. HIs defence will be one of denial ie: ” I deny having said all those things that were attributed to me”. Have you heard LKY making those statements anywhere in Singapore or to any media. Wikileak only attributed those statements to him. Already, the Singapore Foreign office had issued a formal official statement denying any of their officers and by implication making those statements. See how fast and how clever Lee Kuan Yew is in setting up and in prepareing his defence. Before Anwar can utter the word sue, LKY has already prepared his defence by the official denial, published worldwide. LKY is not ‘bodoh’ like Mahathir or Utusan Malaysia, who left their defences unguarded. Have you heard LKY said anything. He asked the Sing Gov’t to quickly issue a denial.

    Therefore the correct course of action is for the prosecution to subpoena LKY and ask him to testify for them that based on the Sing ” technical intelligence” it is proven that Anwar had indeed committed the act for which he is charged. That would have been easier and the fairer course of action. But believe me, LKY will politely turned such a request down. Singapore and by implication LKY had already issued an official statement denying making those statements attributed to them.

    So Anwar’s challenge is valid and reasonable as to his current trial. To LKY: If indeed you have made those statements, p’se come to court and assist Najib who masterminded the sex trap and help Najib prove the case against me. So far it is the evidence of Saiful which is full of holes and lies.

  2. charleskiwi says:

    This lusty AI is fond of taking people to court but to take LKY is way way too much for him !
    This goes to show he is just an empty ballon because he knows his days in politics are numbered and by the time when the countess suits are up for trail he will be in jail. So sad and so bad !

    • osman says:

      Mr Charlskiwi, how do you know AI will lose if the trial hasn’t been started yet and LKY is that stupid and coward as he has asked the Singapore Government to deny making such comment. The big question is how did LKY’s name mentioned in Wikileaks? And also the MOST important thing now is LKY’s comment has given the court a favour to convict AI in his present court case. AI case on Sodomy trial SHOULD THEN BE OVERTURNED in favour of AI. You never knew Najib has asked the LKY favour for this ‘drama’.

  3. Ong Kian Ye says:

    ANWAR IBRAHIM can’t even match MAHATHIR & now he’s trying to match LEE KUAN YEW??? Is ANWAR IBRAHIM hallucinating or what? If yes, what is the cause for this hallucination??? I NEVER knew too much of *** can lead to hallucination.

    ANWAR IBRAHIM is FINISHED. He NOT only have rivals within the country to deal with but also FOREIGN RIVALS to tackle. Initially I thought the SODOMY AFFAIRS surrounding ANWAR IBRAHIM was all a set-up but since now even LEE KUAN YEW had indirectly released some TRUTH behind it……”Damn!!! [the rest of this comment is censored by Hartal MSM]

    • osman says:

      Mr Ong, tell me now!, did Dato Seri AI so far has A FAIR TRIAL??????????????? It’s been proven that even The Attorney General, Gani Patail and former PIG [Police Inspector General] played dirty. Are you suggesting, Malaysian Judicial IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD, It’s a laughing stalk!!!!!!!!! and SHAMEFUL – MALAYSIA!

  4. vasantha says:

    Anwar, just let it go! We all have to concede defeat at any one time. I think too many things are against you. It is not worth it. Read Robin Sharma’s books. Sometimes it is not in one’s favour to prove oneself right. Try to reconcile with your inner self. Peace is within us.

    • osman says:

      I couldn’t disagree with you more, Vasantha! It’s true, DSAI is a threat to UMNO/BN because DSAI knows every inch of Mahathir and Najib’s wrongdoings! These two people are COWARD and Not Gentlemen!!! All Malaysian knew that Mahathir is afraid of DSAI that’s why TunM accused him for Sodomy Case I, and for Najib, it’s non other that Altantuya murder case! Have a break DSAI, May ALLAH be with you!

  5. Osman,

    To begin with why would AI hire a coffee boy and to take him abroad just to make him his daily cup of coffee ?
    He can’t get his daily cup of coffee from the 5 star hotels they were staying ? Or may be it is too expensive to do so that AI has to bring along his own coffee boy to make him his cup of coffee ? Or was it the coffee boy’s backside that he wants ? Tell the truth and shame the devil.
    You don’t need the brain of LKY to know he is going to loose all his trails and that is the only reason why he is ‘barking’ like a rabid made dog before he is going to be failed. Have you ever heard that when a coke’s neck is cut the choke will give a big struggle before the choke dies ? AI is the grand father of all liars when he claimed he was going to take over the government. That is him and always will be ! Is he willing to admit that when he was in Umno on many occasions he called for the Chinese Malaysians to go back to China ?

    • La says:

      So what is yr take that Awar brought coffee boys along with him? I don’t like the man myself, but let us be fair in our accusation of him. Without the Wikileak exposure, we won’t have any evidence of a sex trap case although we know there is high level conspiracy to fix him..

      I will tell you, this is one failed sex trap project. Do you think for one moment, in that sex trap planned, Saiful would allow himself to be buggered. Use your head lah. They only want Saiful to stripped naked and lured Anwar into a room. As soon as Anwar had stripped himself naked, then the trap party will swung into action, breaking down the apartment door if it is locked, enter the room and snapped photos of both of them naked, if it had not been recorded via hidden camera or video.

      That was their instruction to Saiful, during the sex trap. Just get Anwar into the room and you stripped naked. Once Anwar is also naked, we will rush in and save your arsehole from being buggered. They were working on the presumption that Anwar is a sexual predator or someone with sexual proclivities. If Anwar is indeed one, he would have been trapped at the sex trap. After all LKY did say, he walked right into it.

      Use your head and not your emotions or hatred to make conclusions.. Rodwan have all the audio recordings or even video recording of what happened in the apartment. The possibility is that he may have destroyed all these since Saiful cld not lure Anwar into the trap. You think Rodwan would allow Saiful to enter the room without supplying him with any audio or video devices. C’mon man. This is a sex trap. Even in an ambush case like Chua Soi Lek, they got everything in video. You think the MCA snoop squad is more professional that the police. Rodwan was the Chief Police Officer of Melaka and Musa Hasan, is the IGP when the sex trap was launched.

      • Ong Kian Ye says:

        SEX TRAP or not???? Your guess is as good as mine. There can be more than 1,000,000,000 scenarios for the said SEX TRAP. However from my point of view, there MUST be some TRUTH about ANWAR IBRAHIM as exposed by WikiLeaks.

        There are a few constructive & strong possibilities to why I’m saying this:

        1) ANWAR was charged for SODOMY once. If BN really want to get ANWAR doomed, there are ABUNDANCE of allegations of which can be used but why again SODOMY???? Sound STRANGE, rite???

        2) MAHATHIR & LEE KUAN YEW had NEVER came eye-to-eye on anything before & suddenly out of nowhere, these 2 dudes are agreeing & speaking about the same thing (ANWAR & his LUSTY SODOMY activities). Suspicious, rite???

        3) MAHATHIR is a BIGGER enemy of LEE KUAN YEW as compared to ANWAR IBRAHIM. It’s totally sensible for LEE KUAN YEW to offend MAHATHIR but why should LEE KUAN YEW offend ANWAR IBRAHIM instead??? Any donkey would know KUAN YEW is a SMART dude to NOT simply comment without substance. KUAN YEW might have denied his comments but even a fool will know it carry some TRUTH whether it’s a denial or vice-versa.

        4) [The rest of this comment is censored by HartalMSM]

  6. osman says:

    Najib Manaukau,La & Ong.

    Hello u 3 ‘stooges’! Why are you three only interested in AI’s sodomy II case? Why didn’t you make comment on regarding your Prime Minister, Najib [it’s also commented by Singapore] his involvement with the murder of Altantuya? Why also the Malaysian Media only touched on AI NOT Najib??? Don’t you three realised this?

    What choice did AI have, at least he is brave enough to challenge LKY to court – and it’s not you 3 to decide AI will lose the case?? Don’t bother about that at this moment [it’s because LKY is coward to challenge AI-i can bet my life on that]!! and most importantly; Why now the court is delaying the AI Sodomy II case[kept on postponing-and where is the fairness to AI f all the evidence that he wants [doctor reports] and the court denying him??? WHAT is that – Are you happy as Malaysians even though its JUDICIAL SYSTEM takes side to BN/UMNO[ruling party]?

    I feel sorry if you three ‘stooges’ are Malaysians?? Why take stand only to condemn AI and not even one Malaysian dare to comment on Najib???

    And for you information, AI has not been proven he is good for nothing yet, has he? Has he ever been the PM of Malaysia, No! Look at Najib your present PM-what has he done [as so obvious] the FELDA issue – ALMOST ‘BANKRUPT’, and what has happening to Perak [dia sebagai PM telah menghancurkan sistem demokrasi dan Perlembagaan Perak??? and worst? is Rosmah.

    To Najib Manaukau, La, & Ong, please do not make any more comment,if you do i may be i will not be responding because i find it your comments are useless!!, it’s because you are only interested on condemning a person that has not been proven wrong! Even AI, look back to his Sodomy I case – ALL is not TRUE! That’s why i defended AI, as also he is only human, and what about NAJIB, as he is also human, even most [hina] dari AI f he[Najib] is proven as he has a case against Altantuya.

    To give AI a fair share as a Malaysian [apatah lagi, as a former TPM, dan juga di khianati oleh Tun M] Let all the malaysians stand together to demand Najib to court!! – JIKA BENAR BENAR KEADILAN MAHU DIWUJUDKAN DI MALAYSIA – yang mana selama ini telah tidak ADA WUJUD sama SEKALI!!!

    To Malaysia, and its people; please be fair to everybody [NOT ONLY AI] – don’t you as malaysian don’t feel LOW as Singapore has commented that Malaysia does not have good ‘Leader’ So this means to say as also apply to Tun M. – salam sedunia, Allahuakhbar!!! Hidup MALAYSIA!!

  7. Muhammad Ali says:

    Check status Syed Husin saman utusan….i’m sure uunderstan court process right. Doesnt happen overnight

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