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What does it mean to be a Malaysian? Politicians may dare each other to prove this and that, but what do the people of Malaysia think?

Click here to read a 19-year-old’s stirring vision for Malaysia.

2 Responses to “Latest article in New Malaysian Voices section”
  1. You don’t need to be Noble prize laureate to know that Malaysia is run by most
    incompetence and corrupt group of politicians. Shenanigan Mahathir, Abdullah and Najib will no doubt dispute that but the fact that Malaysia is always in the deficit and is still in the third world is proof of that.
    One does not have to go far in spite of being so near to Singapore, who has nothing, no natural resources ,no oil just to name a few. Especially so when Singapore was asked to leave Malaysia because the so called Ketuanan Melayu politicians could not answer Lee Kuan Yew’s answer why the Ketuanan Melayu should be given special privileges and the only way is to ask LKY to leave Malaysia. A typical solution of the incompetence !
    Just look at Singapore now they are not only in the first world and rank amongst the tops in everything surveyed whereas Malaysia is still in the third world and rank at the tail ends in every survey except on corruption. Why ? The country is run by a group of good for nothing morons with typical behaviour of the Ketunanan Melayu.
    Needless to say these corrupted morons will dispute the many mega projects Malaysia is still in the third world and now is saying they will be in the first world in a few more years. What kind of a joke this is ! Just sheer group of corrupted incompetence leaders in politics that breed corrupted incompetent civil servants !

  2. vasantha says:

    All good people must come forward and be counted for. Indifference must be the first quality that we must shirk. A Malaysian must want to do something to improve the lives of his fellow Malaysians. A Malaysian lives by noble values that will not be compromised for anything. The new Malaysian we want to see is God fearing. He is not easily cowed by wicked powers. He stands tall in the eyes of the world. He is not tarnished by unpleasant allegations made in international cables like wikileaks!

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