Anwar’s unhealthy Apco obsession

Pix pinched from Insider.

The Star carried a short article on Anwar’s suspension from Parliament, ‘We were all thrown out because of Apco, says Anwar‘.

The paper reported: “Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said his suspension and that of three other MPs from Parliament shows that Apco Worldwide is powerful.”

Aiyoh, the international Zionist conspiracy again? Look, Anwar was suspended by the Umno-controlled (almost 2/3 BN) of Parliament, right? For reason of local politics, right?

Jews are anything but stupid, right? (Though there are some self-hating ones who are useful idiots).  The action to suspend Anwar and the three other opposition MPs was anything but smart. Why in the world does Anwar want to connect Jews (known for being smart) to a stupid Malaysia Boleh decision?

Anwar is Guan Eng is Anwar is Guan Eng in their over-the-top politicking which scapegoats the Jews (or ‘Zionists’ as Malaysians like to split hairs on this). Si Guan Eng tu pula connects Utusan and Mossad. (Are Mossad Zionists or Israelis?)

If the Apco affair is in any way objectionable, it’s because of the obscene consultancy fees paid to them, reported to be in the tens of millions. Objectionable because it’s a waste of money to be paying for the 1Malaysia relations exercise.

But so what if Apco created the ‘One Israel’ slogan? After all, it’s a ‘worldwide’ firm — that’s what its name says. The Israel government may or may not have been Apco’s client on the ‘One Israel’ campaign but in any case, why complain about the company’s international clientele?

Or if the Zionist haters insist on complaining, must the rest of Malaysians who are non-haters follow suit?

Coca-Cola is accused of having close links to the American-Israel Chamber of Commerce. So are the Israel-obsessed people here gonna stop drinking Coke now?

Like our blog has been pointing out, Israel bashing is happening because people like jump on the bandwagon without getting some of their facts straight. A recent piece of trivia:

Tears of Gaza is a film by Vibeke Lokkeberg, Norwegian ex-model and actress.

“The crew of this film never set foot in Gaza and was content to splice together film sequences shot by cameramen under the strict surveillance of Hamas militia men. Such a film–that, unfortunately, will soon pop up at every film festival on the planet–is not a documentary but a work of propaganda.”

— Bernard Henri Levy (French public intellectual, philosopher and journalist) writing in the Huffington Post.

6 Responses to “Anwar’s unhealthy Apco obsession”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Well, the assumption here is Muslims are stupid. Anwar thinks Malay Muslims are even more stupid. Tell them pork, pig, babi or alcohol, they are all as abhorrent as saying JEW, Israel or anything linked to Zionism. Even Judaism is as repugnant as gambling and synagogues and casinos are places where the devil dwells.

    1Malayisa, One Israel, so what? So what if APCO coined One Israel first and then 1Malaysia for RM90 million! It only goes to show the stupidity of UMNO and the government it leads. It shows how clever and smart APCO are. They made sure that in Malaysia they used the numeral 1, whereas in Israel what was used was the word ONE! And for that they got some very stupid UMNO leaders to pay RM90 Million!

    Now, from this very exercise it can see who is smart and who is stupid. Now, why do you go to town complaining and riling away about a smart person who did a very clever thing and made RM90 million from it. Or was it RM70 million? Who cares. Even if it was only one million it clearly shows in this transaction who is stupid and who is clever.

    Is Anwar complaining that APCO has made UMNO look so stupid in the eyes of the world and by their claim to be the leaders of the Malay race, by association it makes the entire Malay race to also look stupid? Well, if that is the complaint, that I can support him. But the problem with him and his campaign so far is that his complaint seems to be directed to APCO. The smart one in this transaction. So what does he expect when he takes on the smart one? I would imagine that his suspension as well as the suspension of the three others may have been initiated by ideas originating from APCO itself. After all they are the smart ones here and we all know who the silly ones are. And to get the silly ones to do your bidding is not really a problem. Who knows, for another RM90 million, the idiots in UMNO may have been guided to do what they did. So now, Anwar, Karpal, Sivarasa and, now who is the other one, err, Azmin?, see themselves suspended.

    Anwar, the lesson here is, know exactly what you ought to be fighting for or against!! You got your target way off on this one and you pay the price for it.

  2. Oneofthesedays says:

    Pandering is embarrassing

  3. matsalleh says:

    Pssst…. I heard it’s just a diversion…. now, all 4 of them especially Anwar will have ample time to look into Wikileaks and strategizing his next political move with US.

  4. Maz says:

    I can assure you that Israeli Zionists have infiltrated every PRDM and Gerak Khas unit in Malaysia.
    In addition, the Jews have infiltrated every pretty pre-pubscent perempuan Melayu, so you had better
    stock up on garlic, turmeric, acyclovir and zam-zam water….just in case, your Malay females
    start craving for matzoh balls and high interest bank accounts…..

  5. Maz says:

    I will not rest until all perempuan Melayu ‘masuk Yahudi’ !!


    Tok Guru and Apa Nama Dia will have strokes just imagining all
    those apostate KUFR perempuan lighting candles on Friday and lifting
    their bras on Saturday !!


  6. Maz says:

    “Or if the Zionist haters insist on complaining, must the rest of Malaysians who are non-haters follow suit?”



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