REMEMBER, remember, please, please do not forget Selvach

By Hartal MSM

This posting has been sitting in the Hartal draft queue the last few days because if we had published it in the heat of anger at the news, whatever we had to say would have been just another rant.

Charles Moreira, a veteran ex-Star journalist, had this to say in the Malaysian Insider comments section to Nat Tan’s column on the Selvach Santhiran case: “Exposing truth is good but has not been enough to change the situation in the physical world” … “In reality, information is power only when it is backed up by the barrel of the gun”.

Our team is outraged at the two-year detention order on Selvach by the Home Ministry. Selvach is the witness who said he saw police beat Gunasegaran who died in the lock-up. For the story on this, read FMT.

Custodial death is something we’re greatly concerned about and was what prompted Hartal’s debut in blogosphere July last year with our postings on Kugan. Our last posting on the police brutality issue was most recently on Dec 3, and earlier on Guna (Nov 1).

The woman in the photo is Gunasegaran’s sister and you can hear what she says in the Malaysiakini.TV clip.

Most of the press coverage of this case has been by the new media. The ones we found, aside from the embedded url links in the paragraphs above, were in Malaysiakini, Malaysia Today, Lawyers for Liberty, Malaysia Chronicle, National Express, and

Selvach is being detained by police for two years where anything can happen to him. He’s an important witness to prove police brutality. Guna died when he was in the hands of the police. Now Selvach is in the hands of the police. May Lord have mercy on him.

The pro bono human rights lawyers have taken up Selvach’s case. From our scan of the mainstream media, it seems that MSM is giving scant coverage, if at all. MSM has not taken up Selvach as a public interest cause.

Without public interest, Selvach may rot in the detention centre and nobody knows. It is not only poor Indians who are powerless, it is all of us we don’t care about Selvach. He urgently needs a Teoh Beng Hock level of public awareness momentum.

7 Responses to “REMEMBER, remember, please, please do not forget Selvach”
  1. vasantha says:

    Timely reminder is very commendable. The sister’s comment “Is a Life of so little of value” is heart wrenching. Bar Council members please do something to help Selva. He is not dead yet! Sometime ago, I responded to a lawyer venting his frustration in the blog Loyar Buruk at the criticism leveled at the Bar Council for not doing enough. Now here is another golden opportunity to redeem yourself in the eyes of the public. Poor people cannot come to your hangout in Bangsar. Serving means you go to them. These people are victimized by the system . You know the system. Use the legal avenue to help them, Loop holes in the legal system must not be used to intimidate people. I am writing this after having a Bangladesh worker cry to me. Well, another case of ruthless exploitation of humans. I am outraged that humans are capable of much cruelty towards their fellow humans. Let’s all do what is within our capacity to help the helpless!

  2. SETIA says:

    No we must not forget Selvach who testify against Injustice. Its easy to forget as we all live busy lives but Selvach took a brave stand for all of Malaysians and we need to support all the Good people of all races trying to secure his release from such a system that imprison men & women who stand for the truth and justice and free evil and the corrupt.
    Our prayers,thoughts and support will be with him and family.

  3. casper says:

    I believe an open verdict was adjudge and signed off by some idiot lady magistrate in the inquest over Gunasegaran’s death – this inspite of Selvach’s testimony to the contrary. Let chalk this down to the many “open verdict” over the years with regards to custodial casualties.

    And to the lady magistrate, your troubles have only begun, for the day UMNO ‘tongkang terbalik’, there will be a bee line to every ‘balai’ in the city for many cases to be reviewed.

  4. casper says:

    And to think that we traded in one monkey of an IGP for another that equally monkeyish in quality.

    The statement above needs amendment but note the “that” and “monkeyish”(just coined a new word somehow as the spell check denotes). The monkeys above deserve no regard from any of us, and add to that, the Wong Chun Hai (sic) who is equally to blame with non coverage by the Star – not for Selvach, Kugan and Beng Hock or many others who have perished without notice.

    For that, we must fully blame all mainstream media for allowing the slaughter to continue. For now, just eff with no regards to new IGP, the Chun Hai’s and their ilks. Again, as soon as UMNO tongkang terbalik, we will then be able to seek redemption and subject all those in collusion to a full public inquiry – and let’s make this a promise.

    Sorry hartal but **** YOU piece of shit WONG CHUN HAI (sic) with your media blackout of any reporting of the ‘strange’ circumstances of Selvach’s detention. I swear, if anything happens to this noble gentleman, I’ll kick up a storm to shame you good and proper. A life is at stake ***.

    How many more death will it take before you grow a spine Mr. ***????

  5. Paul Warren says:

    Aiya, just another Indian!! Add to the statistic and just move on la. After all if not reported by MSM it did not happen anyway. The rest of the Indian population don’t know about all this anyway, and they go on their merry way…so why don’t you? These Selavach guys are just so inconvenient. Don’t know how to keep quiet when he himself was probably a suspect picked up on something or other. Why the hell do they put themselves in a position to become a client of our police anyway? If no one, including his loved ones or people with direct interest in this don’t want to do anything about it, they can’t expect Robin Hood to resurrect himself to come salvage them.

    • Siebel says:

      Paul Warren,

      Are you a white trash or a black trash?

      YOu are spewing nonsense here.

      Selvach did what he can when he was approached by Guna’s sister to act as a witness. He was reluctant but Guna’s sister begged him to do so. I read this on Haris Ibrahim’s blog.

      Why do you jump to conclusion about Selvach so fast?

      I hope you get picked up by a police soon….get beaten up to a pulp. That is the day retribution would have struck to shut your mouth from spewing rubbish.

      Good riddance!!

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