Manglish at the Home ministry

The Malaysian Home ministry is (in)famously known for issuing ISA detention orders.

Well, here is another aspect which the public may not be aware of (see screenshots below) –














[Note: These are Google cache screenshots of the Home ministry’s web page on english FAQs for printing licenses taken on 21st December 2010]

Why screenshots. you may ask?

Because yesterday, on Twitter, fellow blogger Walski revealed the original ‘manglish’  version (shown above) which somehow has now disappeared from the Home ministry’s website.

The ‘newly minted’ english FAQs is now in BM (duhhhh!) as shown below –









And Najib says our his ministers are not incompetent as alleged by a neighbouring nation.

Yeah right! Tell that to his cousin.

Still, does this remind you of missing immigration records?

One Response to “Manglish at the Home ministry”
  1. walski69 says:

    The web page has been corrected, and is now back in English. Proper English even. OK mostly proper, but a far cry better than last night 😉

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