Bye-bye 2010: If we could pick just one this year…

Pix from Guardian: Affluent young Palestinians at Faisal riding club, Gaza City.

By Hartal MSM

Buddhism is King Kong religion, says convert ustaz‘ was our most widely read posting with 8,126 page views and drawing 70 reader comments.

While the YouTube clip featured was not current, it was nevertheless timely and relevant in the context of the escalating religious bigotry confronting Malaysians who are non-Muslim.

Google credits our headline with 7,580 search results as it was aggregated rather extensively in blogosphere, with Malaysian Insider using a portion of our translated transcript in their even more widely read article. Via Malaysia Today, the ‘Kong Kali Kong’ video we highlighted became viral.

However, our own personal pick of the year is not the ‘big’ story we generated which got new media coverage but a ‘small’ one we feel managed to put out a fresh perspective — at least in Malaysia — to the public. The info we’ve been sourcing on the Middle East conflict is not something you’ll come across in mainstream media (MSM) and hitherto less known and less contemplated by the Malaysian public.

So for our year-end wrap up, we’d like to re-highlight this July twin posting, ‘Don’t bluff lah! KL where got poor people one(-SARCASM-) which was a follow-up to ‘Palestinians enjoy more expensive holidays than your average Kedahan or Sabahan‘.

Pix: Gaza, Al Mashtal luxury neighbourhood

Al-Safeer aliqtisadi, an independent Palestinian economic monthly newspaper, reported that “The average expenditures on the outbound tourism trip by household in the Palestinian Territory was US$975.2 (RM3,103) during the year of 2009”.

But more particularly, our readers’ voices deserve to be highlighted:

amoker says:

Good stuff.
Wonder why we make a fuss using Dr M’s boat to send aid to Gaza, when they [Palestinians] can spend that money to go gallivanting.

Malaysians are so gullible.

Pix: Malaysian MSM only recycle the same repetitive imagery but not photos like this (Crazy Water Park / Gaza City).

niakong says:

And we have “generous” goons sponsoring Palestinian students to study here.

I’m not against that but it’s just that why no such generosity is extended to our own fellow Malaysians who can’t afford even primary schools.

Gajah di depan mata tak nampak, kuman di seberang laut nampak. If this is not hipocrisy serving self-interest, then what is it?

Pix: Gaza has its share of Imeldas.

aspringsufi says:

Glad someone highlighted this. Kedah has the most poverty stricken people highlighted in the media yet Dr.M cares more about the people in Gaza even though the aids are stranded at the port and not reaching the intended recipient. What a waste!! Dr. M and sons, please put priority in helping the people in your home state first . You should be ashamed that when we watch Talian Hayat, Bersama Mu etc., the majority of the family is Kedahan’s. Why so many downtrodden people in Kedah? Why are the many rich businessmen from Kedah not helping? Shame on them.

And most recently on the same topic but different thread,

Pix: Pronto restaurant, considered to be one of the ‘in’ places in Ramallah.

azma says:

I do agree with hartal that more than 30% of the Palestinians live in luxury. Try ask their students here, most will say that many of the ruling/upper class Palestinians in Gaza and West bank own large houses with swimming pool in their backyard just like us. What the world sees is just propaganda that they lived in hardship. No doubt some may live in poverty, but it is the same in any democracies that were based on capitalistic ideals, including Malaysia, where we can see a lot of hardships in ‘setinggan’ areas. Palestinian students overseas esp in France and Europe spent their monies like nobody’s business. So in future please analyse any news with objectivity not with sentiments or bias/racial/religious tint.

Pix: The $US40 million Movenpick Hotel Ramallah includes 171 rooms and suites, an outdoor pool, fitness centre and seven conference rooms. The main restaurant has an Italian chef and a cigar bar downstairs will serve up 20-year aged whiskeys.

Maz says:

“maybe he [Mahathir] knew something that we dont. maybe you should live in palestine for few months so that we can have a clearer picture what is really happening over there…”

No, I will pay for your one-way plane ticket to ‘Palestine’. When Hamas starts knocking on your door in the middle of the night because you didn’t attend Mosque Friday night or you forgot to bribe the local Fatah chieftain of your city block with 200 rials, don’t call me….call the local Imam and pray like hell for your remaining relatives in Malaysia-since you will be a lost cause. Since “John” doesn’t sound Muslim, then pray as a non-Muslim in ‘Palestine’ you get out alive (you will need lots of $$$ for that) and you can then join the 75 % of Arab Christians in the West Bank who have left “Palestine’ for USA, Europe and Australia because they discovered their pro-Palestinian loyalty didn’t save them from Fatah and Hamas because being Arab
Christians was ‘worse’…

Enjoy the sun and surf !

One Response to “Bye-bye 2010: If we could pick just one this year…”
  1. Crankster says:

    Hypocrisy is one thing. Stupidity is another. The problem with blind allegiance to religion and its proponents is that people stop using their brains.

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