Is Najib being internally sabotaged?

By Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Utusan buat hal, Star buat tak tahu.

Strip away the politicking and what Utusan is basically saying is that a non-Muslim woman (Teo Nie Ching) cannot wear a tight T-shirt in a parking lot. Perhaps at other parking lots, these ‘Islamic’ moral police may not be complaining — as yet — but not in the parking lot of a mosque.

Utusan‘s report on Teo is contrary to Najib’s own message of tolerance and ‘media as promoter of good values especially moderation‘ which he said recently at the 43rd International Convention of the World Chinese Language Press Institute.

Najib himself was in the eye of the storm over his office’s directive to remove crucifixes at the Christmas party where he was the guest of honour.

We could not find this story reported in the Star although the paper’s boss Wong Chun Wai is a Christian who wears his religion on his sleeve. The paper “make don’t know” despite it was news in the alternative media.

It’s not likely that Najib is the sort of person who will be uncomfortable in the presence of crucifixes. After all, he received his primary and secondary education in a mission school St John’s Institution, and attended college in England, plus  going to the University of Nottingham.

It’s also not likely that Najib would have cared for the bad publicity brought about by the botched protocol of his Christmas tea with the Catholic archbishop, not when the government paid so much money to Apco and other PR consultants to help make him look good in the public eye. This fiasco was plainly bad PR.

Similarly, Utusan picking on Teo Nie Ching is also bad PR for Najib’s 1Malaysia.

So how come all this is happening? Najib is not the ulama type, that’s evident! He doesn’t wear the turban like Nik Aziz, Hadi Awang, Ustaz Nasharuddin and our colour blind Encik Semua Haram (Nasrudin Hassan Tantawi the PAS Youth chief).

So not being the ulama type, is Najib responsible for this Islamisation crackdown? If not, can we assume he’s trying to be moderate but his efforts are being blocked by his own party warlords as well as other factions that want to out-Islamize PAS?

But the bigger picture, as we’ve pointed out before– crucially — is that it’s not just Umno vs PAS doing this, but everyone’s getting into the act — the Sultans, the religious departments, the Islamic scholars, schools and ironically, even the previously strictly secular DAP as well.

It’s bad enough that Najib can’t rein in the Little Mullah Napoleons, it’s worse when DAP is promoting ‘Islamic’ governance Caliph Umar Abdul Aziz-style to the party’s non-Muslim supporters. If DAP supports ‘No Gambling’ (the Vincent Tan licence), it should be supporting ‘No Beer’ too.

Sekarang ni dah kena tempias, their Serdang MP may have her ‘no-go-zone’ ban extended from Tak Boleh Masuk mosque-surau prayer areas to Tak Boleh Masuk parking lot and compound. And other non-Muslim women wearing tight T-shirts also beware — the Islamisation is escalating.

3 Responses to “Is Najib being internally sabotaged?”
  1. Paul Warren says:

    Aiya, Shar, actually I am disappointed you cannot be understanding about Utusan’s obssesion over Teo Nie Ching. You know what it is that tickles when you got the hots over some woman. The strange things you say and know.

    But then when what you say and do, as evidenced by your posturing of the past and your self claimed piety, is inconsistent with this tingling inside that stirs your family crown jewels that you’d like people to believe does not exist, you tend to respond in a way others just cannot fathom.

    So this obsession over Teo! Well, you see, looking at her, I too got the hots for her. Except for the fact that I might be married (like as if that is going to stop me), hey I am bound to compliment this lady and, who knows, given the opportunity, make known to her that I got the hots for her. No problem. I guess you’d do the same too( better still you’re AVAILABLE!)!

    Now put yourself in his shoes, I mean the Utusan guy. He’s certainly got the hots for her. But by his own undoing he can’t do anything about it. So, he ends up venting his frustration la…Now does that help explain it?

  2. charleskiwi says:

    Allah is only paying back why Najib’s father did to his boss TAR with what is happening. Now what is the feelling Najib ?
    Don’t ever feel betrayed it is a retribution TAR in the next world is laughing !

  3. Serious Shepherd says:

    So where is The Star that used to publish articles like “Is this sexy?” and “Is this revealing”? Already ‘close both eyes’ because it’s Utusan?

    On the other hand, secularism was (and still) wrongly marketed as ‘Seksualiti Merdeka’, freedom to wear sexy dressing, freedom to gamble and drink beer. Would it be better to highlight let’s say, Turkey’s freedom of the media as part of secular values (even in the 90s, take note) where every political party is allowed to have their own TV station?

    By the way, being a non-Muslim is not about eating babi and drinking beer. The non-Muslims do have their set of belief and it’s not ‘semua boleh’ based on our observation of the Arab Jahiliyah, orang puteh and the Chinese.

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