Nazi Celup Ala Malaysia

by Eyes Wide Open Merely 2 days after Ridhuan Tee’s Nazi-flavoured anti-Christian rant was published, Utusan Malaysia delivers yet another Nazi-flavoured rant. This time about the controversial appointment of the Selangor State Secretary. In his column, assistant editor-in-chief Zaini Hassan called on Malays to zealously defend their sovereignty in the country, declaring: “Do we Malays … Continue reading

All quiet on the secular front: Why DAP/MCA are zipping lips

Among yesterday’s local headlines — ‘Custody goes to Muslim convert mother‘ in Penang (story not reported by Star Online at the time that we post this; In fact, Star archives do not have a single article on Tan Yi Min). Among yesterday’s world top stories was the Pakistan governor shot dead by a Muslim fanatic. … Continue reading