Not suicide, not murder…but he’s still dead!

by Eyes Wide Open

In an incredible but not completely unexpected verdict, the coroner in the TBH inquiry has returned an ‘open verdict‘.

In essence, he is saying – I have no idea how this young man died even after listening to all you flers for over a year.

His reason(s) for coming to such an inconclusive judgement defies belief.

While ruling out suicide, coroner Azmil was vague enough in his verdict to allow various interpretations of what he meant. For example, Azmil said he was not qualified to determine if the note, allegedly left by Teoh, was a suicide note and that there were many unsettled issues in the question of suicide.

With a statement like that, the MACC is given plenty of room to say that the judge cannot conclusively and undeniably rule out suicide, citing the coroner’s “unsettled issues” as possibly able to conclusively prove suicide if investigated further. Whereas the lawyers for Teoh’s family can argue the exact opposite based on the same statement!

And in ruling out homicide, coroner Azmi has this to say: I find that there were pre-fall injuries (sustained by Teoh) but no evidence beyond reasonable doubt that these injuries had contributed to the demise (of Teoh).”

This is pure and unadulterated double-talk.

True, the injuries sustained while in the MACC interrogation room may or may not have caused his death. But the REAL question is:

How did Teoh Beng Hock exit the window of the 14th floor MACC office and end up dead on the 8th floor below?

It is simply amazing that the coroner paid scant regard to this question because regardless of the pre-fall injuries sustained, such a feat spells CERTAIN DEATH!

This ‘open verdict’ has dealt another severe body blow to the already tattered reputation of Malaysian courts, police, MACC, and all other parties involved in the investigation of Teoh’s death.

After such a long and controversial inquest, it has all finally come down to nothing.

All right thinking Malaysians will surely share Teoh Lee Lan’s screams of disbelief at the verdict:

“I want to know, is this the answer? We can’t accept this. How can anyone die without a reason?”

Teoh Beng Hock is dead.

And there is still no closure for his family.

9 Responses to “Not suicide, not murder…but he’s still dead!”
  1. charleskiwi says:

    This is more than a joke especially when it came from a Malay Institution of Umno.
    I am not disappointed at the results as I was expecting it from day one of the inquiry. It was meant to pacify the Teoh’s family but none of the less how can a person die without a reason ?
    Only the CJ from Umno can come up with such a verdict !

  2. das says:

    This so called “what-ever-you call-it” stems from the very reason why people who vote in the same “old” government elections after elections will have to live with! I the truth is to come out as to the actual reason of TBH’s actual cause of death, it can never, never be under the present administration….period! The Truth will only prevail is there is change in Putrajaya in the next GE….and by the way all the other “coverups” they have successfully done in the other cases! Do I need to elaborate?! Malaysians, please wake up before its too late!

  3. vasantha says:

    Justice must always prevail. Something is not right in our great nation.We are reluctant to punish the wrongdoers. The wrong message is always sent. It is time we say, “enough”. Let us rally around good people like Haris Ibrahim.

  4. telur dua says:

    This what happens when idiots are promoted/appointed to positions they are ill equipped for.

    This country is very rich in ignorance. The Rakyat ultimately become the victims.

  5. JUSTICE says:


  6. Law says:

    Also, the coroner said TBH could not have climbed out of the window unaided. So, if he did not jump himself and no one cause his death, who/what “aided” him out of the window? ! Did the coroner imply it was the act of HANTU?

    Gosh, really defies logic the “logic” given in this “verdict”.

  7. Law says:

    or maybe the wind blew TBH out of the window ! That Razak joker shoud demonstrate how the wind could blow someone of TBH’s weight out of the window in a MACC enclosed office, since he already demonstrate “self strangulation” !!!!!

  8. This can only happened in the circus and in Malaysia.

  9. cookist says:

    I didnt aspect the result just like a movie drama and there are many many question ????
    Anyway this is “Boleh LAnd”

    vote for CHANGE , to avoid another drama

    Your vote is “SUPPORT” for every count. , DONT WASTE IT your RIGHT on your future
    (be responsibility for the nation )

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