What do Utusan and DAP have in common?

Utusan Malaysia has slapped its reporter Hata Wahari with charges on eight counts of misconduct. The paper accused Hata of tarnishing the organisation’s image.

Hata who is National Union of Journalists (NUJ) president had last year issued statements in defence of press freedom and was given coverage by Malaysiakini, the Malaysian Insider and Merdeka Review as well as The Sun.

In 2009, Utusan sacked NUJ former branch chairman Amran Ahmad, whose case is now in the Industrial Court, Bernama reported.

If you think Utusan deserves to be criticized and the criticisms made are valid, even if it is done by its own staff, then you would agree with Hata for taking to task his paper which he said was guilty of fanning race and religious sentiments.

Support has poured in for Hata in the new media where the Pakatan supporters hang out and leave their comments.

We found this discrepancy deserving mention in our Hypocrisy First series when comparing to the same sticky situation Ronnie Liu is in.

However, the Pakatan supporters did not see the DAP veteran as having the same right to criticize his own party.

DAP can’t take criticism themselves although they never stop criticising their opponents. DAP is presumably fearful that Ronnie had tarnished the organisation’s image.

Ronnie was issued a show cause letter for saying “I fear money politics may find its way to enter our party” (according to his clarification).

In the Malaysiakini report that got him into trouble with his party bosses, he was quoted as saying:

“I am so very worried that DAP will become another MCA… plagued with things like money politics.

“If you want to win, you have buy people dinner, send people for holidays. You have to promise candidacy and all that, promise them they’ll be councillor or village head. That is MCA.

“I don’t want DAP to be like that. We have only become the state government, we cannot afford to become like that… I think it is heading that way if we are not careful,” Liu had said.

Then there was also the DAP gag order on another of its leaders, Kulasegaran, during the recent Perak state party election.

So here we have Utusan accused of trying to muzzle Hata Wahari who’s facing a domestic inquiry. And there you have the DAP trying to muzzle its dissenters and taking show-cause action.

No freedom of expression for a member of the press. No freedom of expression for two members of DAP. So what’s the difference between Utusan and DAP both clamping down on internal critics?

3 Responses to “What do Utusan and DAP have in common?”
  1. Now Utusan Melayu should know by now why their paper is not selling well at all not even to a very small percentage of the Malays. Not even one percentage !
    Why bother to promote the readership just shut up or ask Umno to make it mandatory for all the Malays to subscribe to it.
    This way the readership will go into millions.
    This is Malaysia and a nation about to go and join Greece, Spain. Portugal and Ireland. Above all China will have to come to it’s rescue in order that their loan to build the second will be paid. What a bloody shamble !

  2. I mean the second Penang bridge.

  3. KY says:

    The difference between UTUSAN & DAP is that one begins with a “U” & the other begins with a “D”. If you add them together then it equals to “UD”. Yes, correct indeed “UD”.

    “ULTIMATELY DUMB”….that’s the ANSWER.

    Other than this, both UTUSAN & DAP is just the SAME.

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