Does the AG prefer suicide or homicide?

by Eyes Wide Open

The Malaysian MSM has widely reported Najib as saying the AG is very unhappy with the coroner’s open verdict and is seeking a review in the High Court. What the PM conspicuously failed to mention is: what is Gani Patail so unhappy about? What verdict is he seeking?

The MSM, predictably, will spin it as the AG’s attempt to get to the real truth. They will try to hoodwink the public into thinking that there is a chance to secure justice for Teoh.

And like the good little castrated dogs they are, the rest of the BN pollies are yapping at the heels of Najib’s announcement, eager to sell the idea of the AG doing his job properly. First off the block was Chua Soi Lek, who pooh-poohed the Teoh family’s calls for an RCI, while emphasising that the AG was going to get to the bottom of the matter by appealing to the High Court.

Ibrahim Ali went a step further, calling the RCI a “waste of taxpayer’s money”. I guess for him spending hundreds of millions on “lawatan sambil belajar” is a more valuable way to spend taxpayer’s money than finding out whether the MACC really killed someone.

Despite the massive media and political spin, a little digging into the various reports over the 18 months of the inquest will show that the AG has very little interest in getting to the truth. His one and only aim is to secure a “suicide” verdict.

Take for example the lawyer appointed by the AG to represent the Malaysian govt in the inquest, Tan Hock Chuan. While this man was supposed to assist the coroner in the inquest (which also means he needs to be as neutral as the judge), his actions during the inquest show that he is not unbiased!

Early in the Teoh Beng Hock inquiry, Lim Kit Siang’s wrote:

“At the inquest yesterday, the lead counsel representing the Attorney-general, Tan Hock Chuan furnished the team of lawyers representing the Teoh family, headed by Gobind Singh Deo a bundle of documents including post-mortem, forensics, toxicology and criminology reports, closed-circuit television (CCTV) clips and DNA samples.

Conspicuously missing from the bundle is the 10-page statement given by Teoh Beng Hock to the MACC. When will the lawyer team of Teoh’s family be given this important document?”

If the MACC’s theory was that TBH committed suicide because he could not face the overwhelming evidence of his corruption, the witness statement would be crucial evidence into the mindset of Teoh at the time. Because his statement would show whether he was part of a corruption scandal so bad that he saw no way out but to kill himself.

But the very fact that Tan Hock Chuan, the lawyer appointed by the AG as a supposed neutral party, failed to deliver the crucial evidence to prove or disprove the suicide theory speaks volumes of his and the AG’s intentions!

And what about the mysterious “suicide note” that was suddenly revealed only 10 months after Teoh’s death?

NST reported that the AG had possession of the note since October 2009 and only revealed its existence in August 2010, shortly before the inquest was supposed to (finally) end.

Naturally, Gobind Singh (acting for the Teoh family) was furious!

“This document should have been produced earlier in the inquest proceedings and not at the tail end of the inquest. Counsel Tan Hock Chuan has admitted that the document had been with the A-G since October.”

Gobind said the A-G should step down for his conduct in withholding the document and called for a royal commission to hear the case.

What makes this “suicide note” even more suspicious was the fact that it was suddenly introduced as evidence one week before Thai forensic pathologist Dr Pornthip was due to testify again about the high possibility of Teoh having been murdered.

So it is crystal clear that the AG had deliberately blindsided the inquest with this “new” evidence in an attempt to discredit Dr Pornthip’s conclusion of “homicide”.

So will Teoh Beng Hock’s family find closure with the AG’s appeal to the High Court, where most of the judges are UMNO proxies? Are you kidding?

My deepest condolences to the Teoh family, but any hope for justice is just a fantasy.

6 Responses to “Does the AG prefer suicide or homicide?”
  1. La says:

    Macc saved his arse. So he must save Macc’s arse. Of course, he expects the coroner to deliver a suicide verdict. Otherwise, he would not have coached the Macc officers what to say.

    Gani is fond of coaching witnesses. He coached all the prosecution witnesses in Sodomy 1. On objection by the defence counsel, this is what Augustin ‘ irrelevant and deceased’ Paul said: ” Coaching outside the courtroom is allowed. Only inside the courtroom, you are not allowed to coach’.

  2. adam kontiki says:

    The A-G Gani Pigtail is trying to outbid even PM najis in insulting our intelligence. He was the one to produce the so-called suicide note in an attempt to thwart Porntip’s evidence. Everyone including himself knows TBH did not commit suicide. Now that the coroner issued an open verdict, the MISCHIEVOUS MAINSTREAM MEDIA with their even more mischievous spins are trying to create the impression that Gani Pigtail wants justice or TBH, but STOPS SHORT OF SAYING what he is seeking, a big contrast to Gobind, seeking a homicide verdict based on the pre-fall neck injuries of TBH. So like the stupid idiot he is Gani expects us to be fools in thinking that he wants to have a homicide verdict when his real intention is to have a suicide verdict. GANI PIGTAIL REALLY DESERVES THE GALLOWS FOR HIS EVIL INTENTIONS!!!!!

  3. Pegasus says:

    Whatever it is now, it will be suicidal for the AG…to say otherwise…! The whole world and Malaysians knows this is a murder case..and the bn regime is trying hard to interprete it the other way round…! Guess only a NEW government can get to the bottom of this… bring on the GE13!!!

  4. Lim Bong Gan says:

    “But the very fact that Tan Hock Chuan, the lawyer appointed by the AG as a supposed neutral party, failed to deliver the crucial evidence to prove or disprove the suicide theory speaks volumes of his and the AG’s intentions!”

    Frederick Tan Hock Chuan, you are a shame to your own mak and keluarge! You you are participating in denying justice to a victime who lost his precious life through some evil and despicable method of torture. Is this what your mak taught you?

  5. vasantha says:

    our chinese and indian politicians are as skirting aroung the issue; They rather make fiery speeches about non issues like the form5 literature text. The word pariah is used aptly to describe the migrant indian community to Malaya. After reading the book, my reaction was why the fuss?The word Pariah was used in context of Indian immigrants to Malaya 50 years ago. Australia has a past as the convict colony used by the Briish government , When important things crop up, everybody stays mum until they get the signal from the head khinzir to say something. Now we suddenly have lots of them up from their slumber giving their prepared speech. Koon SooN, WKS and palanivel say something for once.Teoh’s death must not be in vain.

  6. alwaysfair says:

    Of course he wants verdict to be suicide because by now everyone including police team sould know who are those responsible based on the few people on duty @ MACC that night. They will cover up so who caused TBH’s death will not be uncovered. And to add to this EVIL act, to con us further the RCI will be formed with narrow scope the excuse being that the case is being appealed and high court is dealing with it. So thay will con us and drag this until after GE. They think we got monkey brains like them but we know all their hypocritical ways, always pretending to be good but covering up evil in the process. Fcuk them to hell!

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