Was this how Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated?

by Eyes Wide Open

Now, before anyone starts jumping to conclusions, the victim in this video is NOT Teoh Beng Hock.

But seeing that forensic evidence undeniably shows that Teoh sustained pre-fall injuries, it could be assumed that Teoh COULD possibly have been subjected to some kind of similar treatment.

Of course, the Attorney General, MACC, police, chemistry department, and all the others involved in the investigation of Teoh’s death would rather you ignore all the circumstantial and physical evidence and believe this clown instead:

Of course, the extent of the MACC lawyer’s slipshod shenanigans was never revealed in the MSM.

But more tragic is that in the face of such horrific torture of detainees and even mere witnesses like Teoh, the Malaysian MSM does not even dare to utter any semblance of protest. This is despite Malaysia’s overwhelming statistics of deaths in custody.

An Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) report reveals that Malaysia refused to vote for the Optional Protocol to the United Nations Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel and Unusual Treatment 1984. (Malaysia also did not ratify the Convention Against Torture.)

This protocol allows international and national human rights experts to conduct regular visits to places of detention to check on the condition of detention and detainees, and to make recommendations.

A total of 197 countries voted to approve the protocol. But in Southeast Asia, only Indonesia, Cambodia and East Timor voted in favour. Ironically, all these countries have much bloodier histories than Malaysia – from the bloody race riots of Indonesia, to the Killing Fields of Cambodia, to the genocide in East Timor.

The report aptly states that:

“The failure to accept yet another international human rights norm is perhaps not surprising given the long history and notoriety of the Malaysian police in using an unacceptable level of violence in apprehending and investigating alleged criminals.”

This is where the Malaysian MSM have a meaningful role to play. Diligent and responsible mass media reporting of this issue would create public awareness of such rampant official abuse. By raising a public outcry, the positive change that our country needs could possibly become a reality.

However, countless reports of rampant police brutality are almost completely ignored by the MSM. Even worse, the mass media and popular culture continue to paint a rosy picture of police morality! Meanwhile, Malaysians continue to be abused, tortured and killed with impunity by law-enforcement officers who are supposed to protect us.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this makes the MSM accessories to the murder and torture of thousands of their fellow Malaysians!

3 Responses to “Was this how Teoh Beng Hock was interrogated?”
  1. KY says:

    Let’s NOT speculate. Speculation is equivalent to mere ILLUSION.

    The dead is already DEAD, while the Court had delivered its’ VERDICT. Open verdict, close verdict, guilty or innocent…..that’s the Court’s call.

    Let’s NOT try to speculate this case using plain stupidity. Let’s be more mature & NOT sensationalize this issue.

    TBH family members had gone thru’ enough of hardship & 1 more of such stupid blog article like this one written by so-called HARTAL MSM certainly will NOT bring any good.

    It’s best we all grow up & leave kiddie stuff to the above blogger. This is what I call “Syiok Sendiri”

    • hartalmsm says:

      Police routinely beating the crap out of people is “kiddie stuff”? Writing an article about Malaysia’s refusal to endorse anti-torture protocol is “syiok sendiri”? Highlighting the truth that our MSM does not dare to mutter is “stupid speculation”?

      I shudder to think what you do for just for kicks, KY…

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