Sheesh, don’t people sue for RM1 anymore?

Yesterday, Ummi Hafilda Ali hogged the headlines when she announced that she wants to sue:

  • Anwar Ibrahim for RM300 million for allegedly abusing his power as deputy prime minister when she was detained in 1997 [she was arrested by 20 policemen],
  • Karpal Singh for RM200 million for breach of trust,
  • Wan Azizah for RM100 million for keeping mum about her husband’s alleged “misconduct”,
  • PAS for RM100 million suit because the party sent central committee member Mohamad Sabu to hear her side of the story (but now pakat-pakat with Anwar).

That’s a cool RM700 million all in all that she’s asking for. People used to demand a token one ringgit as a matter of principle.

Hmm, what Ummi Hafilda is asking for is more than the fees (RM500 million) for the ‘maintenance work’ contract paid for the Scorpene submarine. And quite possibly, more than enough to afford her own fantasy island — how much does it cost to buy one’s private little island anyway nowadays?

The timing of Ummi’s reappearance out of the blue, needless to say, has set tongues wagging. The Pakatan followers of course see Umno’s hand behind this.

But let’s check out Ummi’s story whether she’s more convincing or the politicians are.

Ummi said (see report in FMT):

“He [Karpal] was excited with my revelation (about Anwar’s sexual tryst with Shamsidar) and got me to make an statutory declaration and raised the issue in Parliament. He along with PAS had pressured Mahathir to remove Anwar but now they are supporting him.”

She appears to be telling the truth when she said Karpal was keen to go for Anwar’s jugular. This is shored up by the fact that Karpal raised the issue in Parliament.

The Hansard (transcript of proceedings in Dewan Rakyat) showed that Karpal had brought up the sodomy accusations against Anwar.

See the Hansard of Dec 18, 1997 on page 62 where Karpal read out the statutory declaration made by Anwar’s driver Azizan Abu Bakar who claimed he was sodomized.

Again, see the Hansard of Oct 22, 1997 from page 91 onwards where Karpal said:

Baru-baru ini ke atas Yang Amat Berhormat Timbalan Perdana Menteri [Anwar] pun ada beberapa tuduhan khasnya oleh dua orang yang ada melemparkan ke atasnya, seorang adalah pemandu kereta [Azizan] Yang Amat Berhormat Timbalan Perdana Menteri, kalau saya tidak silap, dan seorang lagi adik [Ummi Hafilda] kepada Political Secretary [Azmin Ali] beliau.

In late 1997, Mahathir did not believe the accusations and ignored Karpal’s dare for the government to investigate Anwar.

But after the fallout between No.1. and No.2 later during the Asian financial crisis, the PM sacked his deputy on Sept 2, 1998, and the sodomy charge was brought against Anwar.

Karpal’s fellow MPs remember the DAP leader in 1997 pressing for the government to investigate Anwar when the allegations first surfaced. So it is Karpal who changes his tune from not believing Anwar to backing up Anwar. The adage – there are no permanent friends or foes in politics – makes for an inconvenient truism.

The facts indicate it is DAP people who sing different songs to suit different occasions. And now the party supporters are bashing Ummi Hafilda.

Meanwhile, just some days ago, PAS supporters beat up a Pakatan-friendly blogger who wanted to ask about the Umno-PAS secret unity talks.

Malaysiakini covered the same story a day late compared to us (but better late than never) — ‘Blogger ‘roughed up’ by Hadi’s supporters.

One reader ‘Anonymous_1d56’ commented on the Malaysiakini article:
Funny, where are the PR cyber troopers? If the alleged incident involved a BN party, all hell would break loose here? Seemed like the hired troopers lost their voice??

Well, to answer the question by Anonymous_1d56, the PR troopers have come back and are finding their voices again spewing a torrent of vituperative against Ummi Hafilda. All hell has broken loose in Pakatan cyberland.

We’re filing this posting under the ‘Hypocrisy First’ series ‘cos we think BN = PR = BN = PR … yup, you’re getting the picture, folks.

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  1. Maz says:

    IVANA TRUMP move over…you have serious competition !!

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