Ronnie Liu outflanked on alcohol-serving ban

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The Selangor state government announced [Jan 14] it would set up special funds for Muslim workers who are forced to resign from entertainment outlets serving alcohol.

Malaysian Insider reported Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim as saying a special secretariat to oversee the retrenchment fund would ensure the smooth implementation of the Selangor Syariah Criminal Enactment. The state syariah law apparently bans Muslims from working in premises that sell alcohol.

Nonetheless, the fact that they’re creating such a retrenchment fund indicates that the Selangor government will go ahead with the ban.

The Subang Jaya Municipal Council’s curb on (businesses which serve alcohol) hiring Muslims has been put on hold to avoid mass unemployment, a special state exco meeting yesterday afternoon was reported to have decided. This however is only a temporary measure.

Selangor exco Hasan Ali (PAS) claimed that the ban secured the approval of non-Muslim council members. (Members nominated to sit on the council by DAP and PKR owe an explanation to the non-Muslim public on this.)

Hasan stressed that the “law is exclusive to Muslims and does not involve non-Muslims” and therefore “no party should be concerned its implementation”. (Oh really? So the money bailing out the soon-to-be jobless Muslims will not come from public coffers to which all races have contributed?)

And  how about the other bit of ‘good news’ where it says that businesses  failing to abide by the condition would be subject to a compound or the withdrawal of their licences. Does this not impact on non-Muslim business operators too?

Furthermore, they’re being forced to let go their Malay and Indonesian staff.

Ronnie Liu, who is the Selangor state housing and local government exco, is fighting a lonely battle. Where are the DAP leaders to back him up?

We’ve yet to hear Hannah Yeoh, who’s the Subang Jaya Adun say anything on this. And what about the voice of Caliph Umar Lim Abdul Aziz? Oh, but how could we forget. As DAP’s chiefest promoter of Islamism, naturally he — like Ridhuan Tee — despises arak.

Perhaps Ronnie Liu is an outcast. Ronnie was after all decisively sidelined at the state DAP party election. He has a show cause action hanging over his head.

How ironic that the politically marginalized Ronnie is the one guy representing and defending the interests of the traditional DAP voters while the mainstream DAP leaders seem to have forgotten whose votes (nope, not the Malay, not the Muslim votes) it was that carried them to power.

PAS at least has made its stand clear on Islamic issues and the party backs all these Islamization moves to the hilt.

The embattled Ronnie Liu was not consulted when MPSJ announced its ban.

Is the MPSJ a local council or a religious council? Please answer the question, Hannah!

6 Responses to “Ronnie Liu outflanked on alcohol-serving ban”
  1. Chandran says:

    Yes, Hannah Yeoh needs to answer. Why can’t the MPSJ allow the Muslim staff to decide for themselves if they want to work at outlets serving alchohol? I think the workers are mature enough to decide for themselves. Or is MPSJ trying to emulate the Taliban in Pakistan who have stopped the sale of alchohol, VCDs and demolished girls’ schools as part of their interpretation of Islamic teachings?

  2. Joo says:

    Muslims simply can’t get a handle on the fact that religion is between you and your god. And it’s getting worse by the day

    Let’s go our separate ways. Let’s just split beautiful Malaysia now before its too late.

    ps Leave Caliph Lim behind please.

  3. Talon Karrde says:

    Hannah have nothing to do with this.. probably high ranking party official decision n she have no choice but to toe it for the time being.. sometimes in life we have to do minor bad thing to do major life changing good. this may b one of it n time will tell..

  4. Jonathan says:

    THis is worse then when the BN was in power……Heloo WAKE UP!!!!

  5. charlie chan says:

    this is a strange land. people dont see the bigger picture. this land is beseiged with so many problems yet no main newspapers dared to carry such news. what not ask Bn to start the ban nation wide since bn controls the federal govt, Do it lah MR BN

  6. TuLan says:

    Please don’t only accuse the Malays of being hypocrites (most of them are especially the UMNOputras) The non Malays especially the politicians are worse. Most of the time I get really so disgusted that I want to spit onto their faces including many of my personal political friends. When the dollar notes are pasted onto their faces everything becomes no problem including allowing their mothers, wives, sisters and daughters to bed with the people who paste the $notes onto their faces. BLOODY ARSEHOLES.

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