Vote Ng Wei Aik for Miss Selendang beauty queen

The Miss Selendang title is a beauty contest open to Pakatan politicians.

When Elizabeth Wong was embroiled in a morality scandal, she took to wearing this (left).

When Teo Nie Ching was stared down by the religious authorities, she wore … (see main picture).

Hannah Yeoh loves the baju kurung and is often photographed wearing it; in the pix below she appears to be in a mosque (unlike Teo Nie Ching, she did her homework first).

As this blog has been saying, the non-Muslim Pakatan representatives have been putting on a show of being more Melayu than Melayu, more Islam than PAS.

So why is Ng Wei Aik (Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary) in the running for Miss Selendang? (Answer: Following the line of reasoning as above — Malaysian race politics solution: The selendang after the storm).

The pro-Umno blogs have had a field day labelling Ng as a ‘samseng’ and his YouTube put up by the Umno supporters has had more than 15,000 views.

“I apologise if I have said any words or made remarks, consciously or unconsciously, which has caused hurt to Syed Kassali, his family, friends and workers,” said Ng at the press conference.

I also apologise to all the Indian Muslims in the country,” he added. –see  ‘Komtar rep apologises over conduct during raid‘ (Malaysiakini, Jan 14)

Ng berani sumpah he did not utter any racial slurs against Indians. If that is true, then why any need to say sorry to ‘ALL’ Indian Muslims in Malaysia? The matter of his samseng behaviour is only between him and Syed Kassali, the mamak shop operator.

Hartal has covered Ng’s over-the-top behaviour before, when he famously denounced Najib Razak for the latter’s slow response to the Gaza flotilla episode:

“… one day soon after Israel’s military operation against the Gaza flotilla, [Ng Wei Aik] saw that his party, the DAP, had beaten Najib Razak to the clock. The prime minister was being tardy, Ng complained. ‘He took 12 hours to register his anger,’ a news portal quoted Ng on Najib’s remarks (the prime minister had twitted his response).”

Ng seems to think that he became Komtar Adun because the Palestinians voted for him.

As to his apology (Why? Mamak shop operators who put chairs and tables on the road are acting illegally, what), Ng’s higher-ups must have indicated that DAP badly desires the Muslim votes. Mamaks are Muslim too, you know.

So, would Ng look good in a selendang? Consider the following image then.

9 Responses to “Vote Ng Wei Aik for Miss Selendang beauty queen”
  1. tony says:

    Demostrations and accusations is really powerful. It can make the Political Secretary to the Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng apologised to illegal placing of tables of chairs boss. So is the removing of tables and chairs legal or illegal? If its legal will the shop boss be charge? if not is it an illegal raid by the Councils? The whole eposide has been blurred by all the comotions of balek India and samseng behaviour. Looks like the Perkatan Govt in Penang is more interested in playing politics than enforcement of laws.

  2. KY says:

    The Malaysian Insider published this ……

    I reckon LIM GUAN ENG to spot LEAKAGE within own party instead of spotting leakage elsewhere. GUAN ENG can’t even control his own political secretary & yet wanna talk this & that. Imagine for a TAIKO who CAN’T even control & teach his own ‘MACAI’ (konco-konco) but yet still got the FACE to talk cock makes this ‘TAIKO’ a “TAI PAN CHAT” (besar-besar punya banggang).

    DAP is undeniable ‘Power Crazy’. They will fall come the next G.E. & I can assure you this.

  3. FenceSitter says:

    It is hard enough for politicians to apologize. Now it is equally as difficult to accept one. That is how sorry a situation msia has gotten into now.

  4. infansolaris says:

    Could it be that none of them would be seen dead in a sari because it would mean ‘mendedah-ing their aurats?’ …:-)

  5. infansolaris says:

    It is right that NWA apologises for his “rudeness” to Syed Kassali his family, friends and workers. But why is he also apologising to all the Indian Muslims in the country? Is he subconsciously admitting to his racism towards them?

  6. a@a says:

    IF ONLY the local councils enforce their well intentioned laws, then we will all be living in a better environment.

    no littering, no booking of parking lots, no illegal parking overnight, no over extended seating areas, no smoking in enclosed areas, no bills being stuck all around the place, no unlicensed food stalls , no stray cats, hygienic restaurants, properly regulated public AV volume, clean public toilets, proper pedestrian walkways, no more bikes being used in parks or taking car parking lots or even, BIKES BEING IN THE PROPER SIDE OF THE ROAD, no illegal usage of public parking space by car or bike workshops [lol at councils allowing workshops at commercial areas where space and traffic is limited or having restaurants and clinics around], no bikes on 5 foot ways, no rubbish being dumped on 5 ft ways, public rubbish bins at easily accessible locations

    WOW! can you imagine! people might start enjoy walking to the neighborhood shop again.

    now you can only get a proper environment when you’re staying in a exclusive chinese or expatriate neighbourhood with all condos worth 1million and above. or a gated malay community in putrajaya. step out and you get crap.

  7. Maz says:

    I think Teo looks quite FETCHING actually. …

    ZINA more likely with Selendang maaaaa than with tight yoga pants…!!

    My theory:

    if you compel all the Wanita to wear tight yoga pants, rate
    This is why I want all Wanita to wear SARUNG MELAYU maaaa…
    increase rate of ZINA dramatically……this is good for Malaysia.

  8. Maz says:

    Re: Photo of Bin Laden

    Looks like the Henna business in Yemen is still going
    strong even if the country is collapsing…

  9. Maz says:

    “Ng seems to think that he became Komtar Adun because the Palestinians voted for him..”
    You mean they didn’t ????

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