DAP pol-sec say solly, MCA press sec oso so solly

Pix: Why one finger only, ah? Get the other finger out and stick ’em in both ears lah.

by Sharifuddin A. Latiff

Did Lim Guan Eng make him do it i.e. pressure his political secretary, Ng Wei Aik, to apologize to ALL mamaks in Malaysia?

And guess whose secretary the MCA lawyer is? That’s the guy who wrote the letter of complaint about the azan volume to the PM.

(Copies lifted from Malaysia Waves w/o prior permission — but thanking Tulan Besi all the same. Some details blacked out by Hartal)

Saying the azan complaint was a ‘misunderstanding’, Ng Kian Nam had yesterday come out in public — under the auspices of Lembah Pantai Umno and FT Minister Raja Nong Chik — to apologize, presumably to all Malays and all Muslims (around the world?)

But everything sudah ‘kau tim’ when Ng explained that he wrote the letter in total ignorance “about the difference between azan and kuliah [ceramah]”.

As one reader rightly pointed out, “Oh, now that he knows the difference between the azan and ceramah, his sleep won’t be disturbed although it’s still loud?”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. These ignorant MCA loyars should take lessons from DAP’s selendang squad and learn more about the official religion of the Federation. DAP is so quickly such a good pupil to PAS; but what did Umno Baru teach MCA all these 53 plus years?

Ng is/was with the MCA think-tank Insap and in 2007 was the press secretary to MCA president Ong Ka Ting, at that time Housing and Local Government Minister.

So you see, Ng wrote the azan letter because as a political insider, he is inherently familiar with the BN concept of using ‘proper channels [cables]’. Following time-honoured convention, his letter was sent to practically every Ali, Abu and Ahmad at the PMO plus two Apeks for good measure.

However, even his cables didn’t save Ng whose personal safety was threatened with violence by the Malay protesters who burned his effigy, as well as plastered his name and personal particulars on their banners. Have you ever wondered how the Pekida/Perkasa crowd got Ng’s background data if it wasn’t leaked from someone in the PMO or Jawi?

On Saturday, Insider reported, ‘Azan dispute solved as ‘MCA man’ moves out‘. Perkasa and Pekida’s thuggish intimidation won the day. Raja Nong Chik was kind enough to reassure Ng that with this apology, he need not move out of the Pantai Hillpark area anymore.

So I reckon, the ‘balik Cina’ option has been put on hold. For now.

What a farce the two sorry DAP and MCA political and press secretaries are.

Now do you, our dear reader, see why this blog endorses the emergence of the Third Force i.e. The Rakyat? [But that’s another story for another day]

5 Responses to “DAP pol-sec say solly, MCA press sec oso so solly”
  1. Maz says:

    “Did Lim Guan Eng make him do it i.e. pressure his political secretary, Ng Wei Aik, to apologize to ALL mamaks in Malaysia?”
    Just when I was beginning to miss Nasi Kandar….

  2. charleskiwi says:

    The running dogs in MCA will do anything that Umno want them to do including licking their asses after they have gone the loo. That is how much they will do for the love of a place in the gravy train. They don’t really represent the Chinese at all they represent themselves just like those Malays in Umno representing themselves and not the Malays so are those running dogs in MIC.

  3. PR a chance says:

    To the arabs and malay culture the index finger is the “devil’s finger”. Raising it meant raising the devil ;-).

  4. Maz says:

    Well, Mister Tanpa Janggut Songkok second-from-the-left….same to you too buddy !!!!

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