Challenging Teo Nie Ching’s ardent fans

What a waste of a perfectly good chicken… ‘DAP MP gets threat note, bloody chicken’.

Reporting that the ‘jihad’ note is believed to be linked to Teo’s mosque controversies, Insider quoted her personal assistant Mohammad Firdaus Babh as saying the CCTV had recorded two young men in the act.

[Firdaus] described the men to be in their 20s; one had long hair and the other was dressed in shorts and a white baseball cap.

Teo’s PA said both men’s faces could be seen. “They looked to be Malay,” he said.

But our interest in the story is the media angle, i.e. the readers’ response in Malaysiakini,Dead chicken: Umno-Utusan to blame’ which was a veritable hate fest. Unsurprisingly, as the comments section in Malaysiakini is as much fowl play by anonymous commentators as the Nie Ching chicken.

Hmm, the Pakatan voter is so thrilled that the MP has won their “heart”. Er, what his/her job in Parliament, ah? Like looking at the laws and all that kinda stuff?

The original Malaysiakini article drew 108 comments: a lot of them very predictable, some of them very ugly, from the Teo fan club. As expected, there were fingers pointed at Umno though needless to say, the fingerpointers will not be able to furnish any proof.

Be that as it may, Utusan did fan the fire by picking on Teo.


How to tackle Utusan


(recommendations for the Pakatan-DAP all-talk-no-action support base)

(1)   Lobby your MPs to act, e.g. Teresa Kok and LGE who’re enemies of Utusan

See Tony Pua’s boast here.

The Penang and Selangor state governments have already cancelled their subscription of the paper for their offices. Both have also pulled out their state ads.

However, in fellow Pakatan state Kedah, the Menteri Besar and his government placed this full-page ad in Utusan only just a few days ago on Jan 16.

(2)   Use the social media to target Utusan’s major corporate advertisers who buy half- to full-page colour ad slots. These include Ikea, Nissan, Esso, Milo and many others. Teo Nie Ching’s ardent fans should start a Facebook and Twitter campaign to pressure the companies (which it’s possible for them to boycott) to stop contributing to paper’s ad revenue.

(3)   Establish UtusanWatch, i.e. blog focused on monitoring and rebutting Utusan propaganda. This is to put on record challenges to Utusan’s content so that all the huffing and puffing of hot air can be upgraded to credible documentation.

A good working model of a website taking on a specific newspaper is CIFWatch — dedicated to debunking The Guardian’s (UK paper) ‘Comment is Free’ propaganda.

But of course doing the above requires real work and Pakatan people online are, as we said, better at venting hate.

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2 Responses to “Challenging Teo Nie Ching’s ardent fans”
  1. nick chan says:

    it is unfortunate that there’s no gag on media to publishing religiously sensitive news. for example the azan row at kerinchi should not be made public. it will cause a rise in “muslims vs muslims vs non-muslims” sentiment

  2. Maz says:

    I still say TEO is PEDAS !!

    (Chicken or no chicken….)

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