Bernama dissed PTI report

No, we are not referring to PTI as in Pendatang Tanpa Izin but the Press Trust of India.

On 18th January 2011, the PTI report was headlined “India 4th largest in Asia for illicit money flows: Report” as shown below in the oneindia newsportal –

Bernama re-published the same but with a tiny omission –

The headline looks more absurd to Malaysian readers when in the following paragraph, Malaysia was listed at no: 5 with no India mentioned.

[For a detailed explanation on ‘Malaysia follows a distant second with USD291 billion’, please read item 33 – table 4 in the GFI report]

And of course, dumbstruck PM Najib passed the buck to BNM to respond.

Hartal footnote:

a) In the latest Global Financial Integrity (GFI) report dated January 2011, India is at no: 15. Read item 24 – Chart 5.

b) The same GFI report stated that the cumulative IFF value on Malaysia for the period 2000 – 2008 totalled at US$291.32 billion[approx RM890 billion @ 3.06] i.e. US$22.21/21.01/12.15/17.73/19.58/38.78/44.38/47.24/68.24 billion y/y respectively.

2 Responses to “Bernama dissed PTI report”
  1. Maz says:

    I would not take cold comfort from the fact that said report is crappy economics. Malaysia
    is hardly a distant second from China. Indonesian capital outflows far exceed Malaysia’s
    and have for many many years. It’s not only the Liem family who has stashed $USD billion
    accounts in CitiBank and Bank of America in New York and LA, but all the elites in every
    major Indonesian political party (this hardly ended with Suharto).

    Current Indonesian Joke:

    If tax official Gayus Tambunan hadn’t worn that wig to the recent tenny tourney in Bali, all would have
    been alright and he wouldn’t have been indicted in Jakarta; it was the wig that outraged the Indonesian
    Supreme Court, not the millions he stashed away.

    Najib can now go brag about how Indonesian officials make Mahathir’s and Bukhairy’s and Tajuddin’s
    and Krishnan’s and Kuok’s (just to be ethnically correct in 1Malaysia) multimillions pale in comparison to Liem’s, Suharto’s and Megawati’s billions (what ? You thought Sukarno’s ‘socialist’ daughter took a vow of poverty ? Tsk..tsk..tsk).

    Being #5 still sucks, even if your larger neighbour is #3 because your smaller despised city-state
    neighbour just to the south is only #12.

  2. lee says:

    It’s sad that we only got no.5, we shd work harder to become no.1 in world next time.I know we can do it as we have so many capable leaders.

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