This poodle-basher must be brought to justice

WARNING: Video content is highly disturbing to any human being, not just animal lovers.

Click here for the video. (Note: The person who posted the video is not in any way responsible for the animal abuse shown).

There is an online petition for ‘Sushi The Poodle’ if you wish to sign on and express your outrage.

Update: 1445HR 26/01/11

The above video link has gone ‘dead’. Here’s an alternative site for viewing.

7 Responses to “This poodle-basher must be brought to justice”
  1. vasantha says:

    This bastard is not a human being. I refuse to look at these pictures. It is true what Ghandhi said about how we can judge a nation by the way it treats its animals. I have added an addendum to my will about what should be done to my Teddy when I am dead. I want him cremated with Amma because I cannot bear the thought of him being thrown about. I would die a thousand deaths. Ted is my pet teddy bear and I am not crazy! I love you,Ted.

    • rayteen says:

      vasantha,mas, katharina,kk chin. all of you are to too highly educated.two calling people bastard,one calling people are those ,i presume.mind your own.animal right groups are at times over the the board please term ANIMALS and understand it.The amount spend is better than for human ,whom you are one!justice for those whom you criticise in such a manner!shame on you! PEACE AND UNDERSTAND HUMAN.ONLY WAY IS TO CLOSE ALL PET SHOPS,CLEAR ALL HUMANS THAN IT WILL BE OK,RIGHT?
      Rayteen, does your mummy know you write horrible english? – shar101.

  2. vasantha says:

    I can’t sleep. Please remove this posting quickly. There is a living thing suffering somewhere. This satanic monster must be hunted down and spat at. Why are people like this? God, protect your sheep!
    Vasantha, it was extremely difficult for me to publish this posting without using very harsh words or profanities. The screenshots are necessary in order to identify the perpetrator for justice to prevail. Hope you will bear with us in the meantime – shar101.

  3. Maz says:

    I echo Vasantha 100 % (only I would castrate the moron, not simply wad him with my spittle).

  4. infansolaris says:

    The video. was shot three years ago and the poodle is now dead. How I’d love to have that ah beng with me in that room for 15 minutes at the end of which he’d be willingly sitting up and begging for his sorry life. May Alan and Doreen burn in hell (while they’re still alive).

  5. Katharina says:

    Such filthy evil beast (not fit to be a human being – this include savage murderers, rapists and terrorists) always start their early criminal and savage behaviour by torturing defencelss animals! That shows what cowards they’re besides they are really Satanic beasts in the making!

  6. KK Chin says:

    God will punish you two. Burn in HELL!!

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