Malaysian Indians Should Be Treated Like Dogs

by Eyes Wide Open

Malaysians of all creeds and colours are united in online outrage over the abuse of a cute poodle called Sushi. This has reached hysterical levels over social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, with a spontaneous voluntary manhunt going on for the couple involved and howls for vigilante justice to be meted out on them. Several NGOs have joined in the fray, with the Malaysian SPCA reporting the case to the Veterinary Services Department. Even the Singapore SPCA has joined in the Facebook manhunt!

All this is the result of just ONE video posted on Youtube less than a week ago.

If only Malaysian Indians were so lucky…

In A. Kugan’s widely-publicised death-in-custody case, it was reported that he was so severely beaten up by police that his internal organs failed, leading to his death. Look at the photos of the Medical Report on the injuries he received:

Does it look consistent with the kind of beating by police evidenced in this video?

But despite the massive efforts to campaign for justice by activists and lawyers, the Kugan case hardly registered a blip on Facebook.

Since Kugan’s case in 2009, several other Malaysian Indians have been beaten to death by the police (not to mention one high-profile Chinese who died from “not suicide & not homicide” while talking to the MACC). The few brave witnesses such as Selvach and Sargunan who decided to speak the truth that their dead friends could not, have themselves been arrested and beaten up.

However, to this day, NO ONE has been held accountable for the hundreds of deaths-in-custody of our fellow humans and Malaysians! And there is still massive indifference to their plights!

Compare to the numbers you see on the facebook screen capture above! 901 Likes and 394 comments (as at 12pm, 26 January 2011) within hours of the news that the suspects may have been identified and possible action taken.

If only Malaysian Indians were treated like dogs, perhaps they would have a better chance of getting justice.

8 Responses to “Malaysian Indians Should Be Treated Like Dogs”
  1. Equaliser says:

    Noticed the response of the various NGOs to the Interlok issue regarding the caste stereotype? Wish they had shown similar response to the various police murder and brutality.

  2. infansolaris says:

    Good observation. Going by the way Malaysian Indians are already treated worse than dogs and the rakyat’s indifference to this, it just goes to show that for most Malaysians, dogs deserve better than Indians. Just like pigs are more important to DAP than Indians. Malaysian First should be changed to Canis familiaris First or Sus domesticus First. Racial equality and social justice in Malaysia has gone to the dogs (and pigs) anyway.

  3. Sam says:

    Sad, but this is a trait that seems to cut across borders. Ever watched how foxes and marlin are hunted down for sport?

    I remember a video that was circulating in mu office – of a white guy being beheaded during the Iraq/Afghan wars. It turned my stomach and really shook me up. But then, as now, there was no massive united outrage, even in my office. Was it because of faint calls of “allahu akhbar” in the background while the knife sliced through the white neck? But now this is about a chinabeng, so fair game?

    6million Jews systematically murdered, but some now claim it’s a Zionist fabrication (or worse – the Jews asked for it), whereas a chinabeng stringing up a puppy lately was unanimously decried as a ” @^%$$! murderer”?

    It’s not that people are hard-hearted or uncaring. But just like that feller in the video, folks all over seem to have gotten their moral sensitivities all mixed up nowadays. Any attempt at putting this to a “GOOD vs EVIL” debate that reaches BEYOND cute poodles, cuddly pups, suspected criminals or helpless foreign maids, will inevitably result in a “you have your morals, I have mine” relativity stalemate. The law is impotent because it is in the hands of chaps who also have skewed priorities and skewered morals.

    What is needed is a global effort towards rebuilding our moral foundations – starting from each individual looking into the magic mirror. Until that is sorted out, all these “vigilante” efforts will be futile if not laughable.

  4. Maz says:

    Animal abuse eventually leads to abuse of human beings…just ask Jeffrey Dahmer…..
    The Nurin case and others like it are still unresolved till today, Maz – shar101.

  5. Ripalo says:

    I can’t seem to understand the Hoo-Hah by today’s people. But I did observe some interesting stuff.
    A guy can post a video of a tsunami on his facebook and get around 20+ likes.
    A girl can post a video of a cute poodle doing stupid stuff for 5 secs and get more than 1000 likes.

    Now tell me. Does it mean the video the girl posted is more interesting? Got more public interest? No. It just meant the 1000 people that liked the post are stupid and the 20+ likes were from environment conscious people.

    Kindly remember that facebook is a gathering of generally the younger generation. Most of them are ignorant towards their environment.

    In fact, anyone getting beated up by the police is reported on the NEWSPAPER. Which I believe is far more recognized than Facebook. Saying that public response is lower than the SPCA case is totally wrong. Also, you would have to get the fact that the ISA enables people who “create disrupt to the unity” to be caught. So reasonably, any sane mind wouldn’t just rush in and create a Hoo-Hah without result.

    Facebook is a networking site. Kindly do not take it as an official news portal.
    a) a cute poodle can bring out the humanity in most of us but obviously, not you
    b) how on earth can you equate a natural disaster like a tsunami as being an ‘environment concious’ thingy?
    c) if FB is for kiddies, why does Najib have one as well
    d) Haven’t you heard/read that Malaysia squats at top spot worldwide for FB ‘likes’ application. Seriously, no one ‘likes’ the NEWSPAPER any more, dude.

    – shar101.

  6. Paul Warren says:

    Hello, Sushi cute mah…Indians not so cute…remember, when small time your mother threaten you, “you naughty, the Indian man will catch you”? Or Indian man coming, go inside…or behave….or hide….or close your eye….

  7. Maz says:

    The Nurin case and others like it are still unresolved till today, Maz – shar101.

    For those who question whether evil actually exists, they may want
    to ponder about the murder of this innocent girl…

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