The Spelling Is Atrocious

By Crankster

The BN government has been busy with the upcoming by-elections.

As usual, the standard fare of bribing the constituency with money and other gifts has been employed.

To enhance the gameplan, an additional treat of flinging mud at the opposing party candidate is rampant. She has taken it in her stride though.

The propaganda machinery, Bernama, has been spinning furiously. Lies have spewed from every angle like vomit from a inebriated drunkard.

They have obviously been too busy to even check the spelling of their news items.

Ah, the demands in the life of a prosti-journalist.

(Originally posted @ Crankshaft)


4 Responses to “The Spelling Is Atrocious”
  1. What else do you expect from the quarter cooked ?
    Then you would not be disappointed, a mouse cannot be expected to roar like a lion.

  2. Maz says:

    Ah, the demands in the life of a prosti-journalist.
    Every (male) Malaysian journalist above the age of 45
    should have their “prosti” (and head) examined…

    Just sayin’

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