Finding F.L.O.M.

By Sharifuddin A Latiff

Question: Does Rosmah Mansor, wife of the current Malaysian PM, deserve to have an office at the PMO which is paid for by taxpayers’ monies?

Answer: No. She is/was not an elected representative (read: wakil rakyat) during GE12.

Q: What is F.L.O.M.?

A: First Lady Of Malaysia.

Q: Is Rosmah Mansor the current F.L.O.M.?

A: No. The Agong is the Head of State while the Prime Minister is the Head of Government. Hence, F.L.O.M. if there is such an entitlement, should rightly belong to the Raja Permaisuri.

Q: Is there a F.L.O.M. division at the PMO?

A: Yes, there was. At least, in the virtual sense, there was a record (Thank you, Google).

Q: Why is the F.L.O.M. section now missing from the PMO website?

A: Ask Najib.

Q: In the PMO website, under ‘Resources’, there is a section showing the former F.L.O.Ms. Why are the F.L.O.M. of the preceding three PMs of Malaysia missing from the list?

A: Ask Rosmah.

Shown below are two Google cache screenshots which were timelined at 25th January 2011 11:47:16 GMT.


(Updated) Screenshots of Former PMs and FLOMs.

Lastly, a concerned Malaysian called the ‘office of the F.L.O.M.’ and was flummoxed by the responses of the F.L.O.M. staff i.e. Saleha, Vimala and Nurul.

Sooo … what’s next? “Rosmah, The Musical”?

2 Responses to “Finding F.L.O.M.”
  1. 11ty4_31/4_n2 says:

    Even an eel would envy how slippery these lot can be. kalau ada lubang, THEY’d be the first to slip in. Ambition at tanah tumpahnya darahku as we see it is a given vein pursuit without the qualification.

    All the rumours since the pronouncement of Mrs. Baginda in her haste ‘My husband is not the one who wants to become the PM’ is slowly materialising. The problem is how mudah malaysians are gonna be conned? Its all there for us to digest…

    Am I exaggerating on the immediacy of the matter. Bangunlah kawan kawan sekalian… bagun dari selamba k’orang sebelum k’orang di bangunkan.Jangan di butakan sedekah duitan. pikirlah masa depan.

  2. Maz says:

    Sooo … what’s next? “Rosmah, The Musical”?
    Starring Roseanne Barr as Rosmah
    (Roseanne even looks like an “orang putih” version of Rosmah)…
    John Goodman can play Ibrahim Ali (or Zaid Ibrahim)….or both….

    Check it out:

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