PAS Tambun police report against Chua Soi Lek: Pakatan endorse?!

PAS Tambun made a police report against Chua Soi Lek for the MCA president’s comments about PAS candidate in the Tenang by-election Normala Sudirman’s refusal to shake hands.

The PAS branch in their police complaint said Chua’s statement “insulted Islam” and “hurt the sensitivities of Muslims”. (See video )

PAS sec-gen Mustafa Ali also slammed Chua. (See report)


Beneath Tenang surface, the undertow

Ti Lian Ker is a former MCA Adun who’s with the MCA think-tank Insap. In his blog yesterday, Ti posted on how the non-Muslims are caught in the cross hairs of Islamic morality as played out in Tenang.

Ti blogged:

“The refusal to shake hands is a political ‘up’ or increase in PAS stake … the fundamentalist extremist Islamic party had with subtlety introduced the fundamentalist extremist Islam to show to the largely Muslim voters nationally that PAS had succeeded in promoting true Islam to the Kafirs as opposed to Umno who had only been paying lip service to Islam with no intentions of setting up an Islamic State …”.

He made the following observation, with which we concur:

Upon MCA raising this simple issue of handshake, DAP had ferociously come to the defence of Cikgu Normala. This is despite the fact that DAP has no inkling of her background and her political will of dominance over Kafirs/Non-Muslims. PAS had succeeded to prove that Kafirs/Non-Muslims had accepted fundamental extreme Islam by this very simple gesture of a very cunning tactical move.”

[Emphasis in bold ours] “PAS had happily allowed DAP to sanctify their fundamentalist extremist political Islam” — this statement by Ti Lian Ker is spot on!
He also accurately noted:
“As usual pro-opposition alternative media had s field day pitting Umno against MCA to provoke more Chinese protest votes to prove that the Chinese are accepting PAS fundamentalist extremist political Islam!”
“DAP is a JOKE ! The highest political chinaman Ah Q that will bring more political hardship for the Kafirs in future as more Umno surrendered to PAS ways!”
Ti warns, “DAP will be responsible for the influx of ‘Ketuhanan Melayu/PAS’ …”. But of course since it’s an MCA man saying all of the above, the Pakatan crowd will heckle and jeer.
Pakatan supporters are so hell-bent in trying to win Tenang that they’ve enthusiastically embraced (woi! body contact haram lah) the brand of conservatism as represented by Normala Sudirman.
Do you think that Normala can sanction Elizabeth Wong’s lifestyle? (See related Hartal posting — Upskirt)
Yet the Pakatan supporters see no ideological self-contradiction in sanctimoniously defending Eli while at the same time vociferously promoting Normala.
Secularism is sacrificed for a state seat … how sad.
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2 Responses to “PAS Tambun police report against Chua Soi Lek: Pakatan endorse?!”
  1. umar rentaka says:

    You’re pathetic, Hartal………

  2. anak_perelih says:

    Omar… ‘pathetic’ is a kind word …. maybe this writer is CSL in disguise…

    Hartal.. accept the fact that the Chinese are sick of MCA… and Gerakan too…

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