BN wins Tenang in very wet conditions

BN – 6699

PR – 2992

Majority – 3707

Voter turnout – 66.65%

Earlier, Muhyiddin was concerned that a low voter turnout could jeapordise his anticipated BN victory by a 5000 vote majority.

PR meanwhile complained about insufficient boats being deployed into ‘opposition’ areas.









How come nobody says anything on the safety of the Tenang residents?




One Response to “BN wins Tenang in very wet conditions”
  1. LastChance says:

    Voters are so naive can’t see the big picture. For example, why vote for BN when you lost so much money after your house get flooded. Why blame BN ? If BN has put in billions to have a irrigation and drainage system, the flood can be avoided. No money, my foot ! Big bungalow, big bank account oversea. Each PAS/DAP/PKR should have service center or branch in each DUN. With funds and good leaders, we can kick out UMNO/BN.

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